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Stork Baby Informative Tips & Articles

Informative articles on baby care and gift giving.

Preparing For Your New Baby - If you are expecting a new baby you have probably already been preparing for your little one for quite some time.  Read on for helpful tips and suggestions.

Baby Shower Gifts That Ooh & Ahh - If you've ever been to a Baby Shower, you already know that their usually a lot of fun but the highlight of the party is watching the mom-to-be open up her gifts!

A New Baby Gift: A Personalized Blanket - Sometimes it is hard to choose that perfect baby gift. If you find yourself in this situation and want a gift that will always be remembered, consider a new baby gift in the form of a personalized baby blanket.

Trends in Baby Gift Giving - Finding the perfect present for the new mom and the newborn is very necessary and never easy. Here are some great ideas for you to make the new arrival's gift an instant hit!

Improving Your New Babies Intelligence - There are many different factors that influence the intelligence of your baby.

Tips On Buying Unique Baby Shower Gifts - If you have friends who have babies or have babies yourself but was never a fan of shopping, then you have probably stared this dilemma in the face and wondered how to solve it.

Importance Of Baby Gifts - The birth of a baby is just about the most wondrous thing that occurs in anyone's life.  It doesn't matter whether the baby is your son or daughter, your niece or nephew, your cousin, or your granddaughter or grandson.  A new baby in the family is truly a gift, a gift of love and affection that will endure for the rest of your life.

Ideas on Making Your Own Baby Gift Baskets - A unique and creative idea for a baby gift is to give a gift basket with a fun theme.

Baby Gift Dilemmas: Problem Solving Ideas - "Help, I have no idea what to buy for baby”!  Here at Stork Baby Gift Baskets, we hear this often. If you find yourself thinking the same thing, no worries, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of gift buying dilemmas that many of our customer’s have faced when searching for the perfect baby gift and offer ideas and suggestions, we hope you find helpful.

Tips To Keep Baby Cool in Summer's Hot Weather - Whew!  It's been a scorcher and with the dog days of August here, we don't think we've faced the worst of it yet!  If you're tending to a newborn, you might be feeling hot, cranky, and house-bound.  But there's no need to stay hiding in the AC all summer with your infant.