Easy After School Snacks You and Your Child Can Make Together

Posted on 29 August 2007

Wrap Wheels
1 whole-wheat tortilla or other soft flat bread
1 tbsp. light mayonnaise, mild mustard, or even ketchup
1 slice of lean turkey breast
1 slice low-fat cheese (such as American or cheddar)
1 leaf lettuce

Spread the mayonnaise lightly across the entire tortilla or flat bread. If you are using a squeeze bottle of a spread, your child might like to draw an "X" in the middle of the tortilla.

Fold the meat and cheese in half and place at the bottom of one end of the tortilla.

Place lettuce leaf on top.

Starting at the meat/cheese end, tightly roll the tortilla towards the open end.

Cut into "wheels" and serve!

Icy Fruit Smoothie
½ cup frozen blueberries
½ cup vanilla yogurt
½ cup orange juice
½ banana, sliced

Place all ingredients in blender. Blend on high until mixture is frothy.

Serve in a pretty see-through cup so your child can enjoy the color as well as the taste!

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