Sticking to the Basics - Baby Gift Giving

Posted on 09 June 2010

Dr-seuss-set-white(lg) When considering which type of baby gift to give as a present at a baby shower or to send as a congratulatory gift to the hospital or to the new mom's home, many people are choosing to stick to the basics.

It's actually a very smart option because you can never go wrong by giving baby essentials that you know every new mom can use, whether she's a new mother or having her second or even third baby.  Essentials such as disposable diapers of course are thrown away after each use and others such as bibs, burp cloths and onesies don't always make the best hand-me-downs from one child to the next because they can become stained or worn out looking over-time.

And now days, there are so many creative and adorable ways to present the basics that it Storkie2TBlue  
makes giving them extra special and fun.  Diaper cakes are extremely popular gifts for baby showers because they are usually loaded with many essentials such as diapers of course, but also many times there are receiving blankets, bathing products, onesies, small teething toys and more included. On top of all that, they provide a knock-out presentation as well as they are usually decorated with bows and frills that make them extremely festive.  Most usually include some sort of small plush gift for the new baby and serve both as a practical gift as well as a decoration or centerpiece at the baby shower. 

Dc_organic-turtle-diaper-cake Diaper cakes come in all sizes, shapes and price ranges.  Most of them contain only brand name disposable diapers such as Pampers or Luv's but you can also find organic diaper cakes that include cloth diapers or 7th generation diapers, which is an all natural diaper made similar to a cloth diaper yet are disposable. 

Baby diaper cakes can often be pricey not only because of the ingredients included, but they can be somewhat time consuming to create and can require a bit of knowledge and talent preparing them. But, if your a crafty person and have the time, you can make your own diaper cake as well and customize it to your liking by adding specific baby products that you know your recipient would love to receive!

Another great option or alternative to a diaper cake but still includes basic essentials and Pink-wide-bin-gift-set(lg)  
would make a creative and exceptional presentation would be a baby gift basket.  Typically, you won't find diapers included in a basket but a slew of other baby essentials including bibs, baby blankets, changing pads and more.  It doesn't have to necessarily be a wicker basket either, there are also other creative alternatives to that as well.  Now days you can find essentials placed in fabric storage bins, red wagons, storage caddy's, diaper bags, colorful buckets and even life-size wicker rocking chairs!  The options are almost endless and the great thing is that all of the baby gifts are placed inside another great practical baby gift, even if it is just a wicker basket, as it can be used for storing baby diapers, bath products or small toys in the nursery.

All of the great baby gift ideas pictured above and more can be found at Stork Baby Gift Baskets!

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