Study shows motherhood makes you more what?!

Posted on 07 August 2012

Everyone knows that motherhood makes you wiser, but did you know it could also make you smarter? At least that's what a new study conducted by Melissa Rodriguez, doctoral student at Carlos Albizu University in Miami, Florida, found. We were just as shocked to read that fact as you probably are.

The research looked at the visuospatial memory of 70 female participants. Thirty-five of them had children and the other 35 did not and had never been pregnant. According to the results, the study concluded that moms had better memories than women who weren't mothers.

The reason for the results may have been due to the following: first, our brains shrink 4 to 6 percent when we're expecting. But after giving birth, this part of our body returns to its normal and can remap itself, making women appear more alert and smarter.

The second potential reason for the study's findings is that it is only natural for a mother to improve her visuospatial memory. After all, she needs to pick up on any dangers that surround her kid at any given moment.

"I'm constantly searching my environment, scanning everywhere, to make sure that [my kids aren't] going to harm themselves, they're not going to do anything that will cause them to choke or to be endangered," said Rodriguez in a statement.

Of course, in order for the study to be conclusive, much more research has to be conducted. But, at least for right now, it's still incredibly satisfying that as new mothers, we aren't losing our minds after all!

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