Baby Einstein Water Wagon Gift Set gives little boys educational jump start

Posted on 26 March 2012

Before a baby's due date, parents typically seek out the best ways to improve their child's development, researching everything from baby DVDs to educational toys. And although babies won't be able to read on their own until years after they are born, there are some toys that can give little ones an educational head start before they enter preschool.

The Baby Einstein Water Wagon Baby Boy Gift Set is the perfect present to give to expecting parents who are looking for a unique and fun way to get baby boys to start using their little noggin earlier than expected.

This set includes a beautiful radio flyer wagon, which can stay in a little boy's room far beyond their newborn years, and it's perfect for storing educational books, toys and games.

The basket also includes many essential learning items that can help fill the wagon. The musical interactive octopus featured in the basket will expose the little bundle of joy to the world of music in a fun and creative way. And when he just won't seem to go to sleep, parents can put on the Baby Einstein classical music CD, which will play soothing music that exposes his little brain to hours of relaxing songs by world-renowned composers.

But, the basket isn't just filled with educational items. During bath time, the two chunky washcloths provided will get rid of any leftover baby food on the little boy's face (or body!). The absorbent water friends hooded towel is perfect for wrapping him up and keeping him dry and warm.

Last but not least, the Baby Neptune Rattle and Teethe will provide him with a little entertainment in his crib before he catches up on his much needed sleep.

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