A Traditional Baby's 1st Christmas Gift - Teddy Bear Gift Baskets

Posted on 24 November 2009

Xmas_rocking_horse_wrapped  Tis' the season for holiday babies!  Just what do you give as a gift to a baby born during the holiday season?  Why a holiday gift of course, and no holiday gift would be complete without a plush teddy bear for baby to love.

According to tradition, the teddy bear craze started in the United States in 1902 when a cartoon appeared in the Washington Post of President Roosevelt refusing to shoot a baby bear.History_bear 

By 1906, the teddy bear craze was in full swing and ladies carried their bears with them everywhere, babies had their pictures taken with them and manufacturers started producing evey kind of imaginable huggable and loveable teddy bear you could think of. Ever since, the teddy bear has been providing unconditional acceptence, love and reasurrance, making it the perfect addition to any baby gift basket!

Stork Baby Gift Baskets offers an assortment of many gift baskets containing the adorable teddy bear but our favorite gift this season would be the teddy bear included along with another longtime and traditional gift...the rocking horse, created even before the teddy bear in the 1800's.

Our featured "Baby's First Christmas Baby Gift" is a classic and beautiful white wooden rocking horseXmas_rocking_horse_wrapped surrounded by an assortment of festive holiday baby gifts including a santa cap, matching receiving blanket, bib, wrist ratte, bottle, toy, a keepsake Christmas stocking and of course, a plush teddy bear! Beautifully wrapped in white tulle and ready to present to the new Christmas Baby all for $119.95!

$119.95 Baby's First Christmas Rocking Horse

To view our full line of holiday baby gifts and baskets visit Stork Baby Gift Baskets today!

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    Wow! This is quite a collection, so lovely and so cute i love its so much. :)

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