Gifts they will can "Bank" on it!

Posted on 10 July 2016

So you want to send the new baby a welcome gift and you know that the new mom and dad have all of the basics covered and you can just have fun with picking out something not totally necessary but very nice to receive just the same.  We've got a great suggestion...send a cute and practical baby bank!

Sweet Lamb Ceramic Bank

Let's face it...babies are expensive and it's never too early to start saving and this gift idea actually serves three purposes.  One it's an adorable addition to baby's nursery. Just picture one of these cute ceramic banks sitting on baby's sweet.  Secondly, it serves to help baby learn all about saving as he or she grows and mom and dad are sure to appreciate that.

Choo Choo Change Ceramic Bank

Thirdly, these precious and thoughtful baby gifts also serve as keepsakes that the new parents and even baby will still love and appreciate years from now. 

Little Princess Ceramic Carriage Bank

They are surely destined to become one of mom and dad's favorite gifts received as well as family heirlooms that will not be soon forgotten. Children love and always remember their first baby bank.

So to "sum" it all up...a ceramic baby bank makes the perfect gift!  It's perfect for new babies, baptisms or christenings and even 1st birthdays

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