Miracle Babies in Haiti Survive!

Posted on 18 January 2010

I was touched and amazed by this heartwarming story.  With all the death and saddness involved in what's going on in Haiti right now, there are some miracles happening that give hope and this one involves a small baby so I thought it fitting to share with our readers.

Little Michelle was pulled from the rubble after being trapped there for 5 days!  A bit dehyrated but otherwise un-touched and protected from harm, her prognosis is very good. You can click on the link below to view the video of her rescue.


She has been doubly blessed in this situation, not only did she survive but her father also has survived and will be able to care for her.  I am so happy for this baby girl but sad for many of the others as not all children and babies have been that lucky.  Many have become orphans due to this devastating situation.

Remember to hug your kids and be thankful.  Pray for the people and especially the babies and children of Haiti.  Give if you are able.

Text “HAITI” to “90999″ to make a $10 donation.
(800) REDCROSS (733-2767)

(888) 392-0392

(800) FOR-KIDS (367-5437)

(877) 777-1420

(215) 241-7000

(212) 792-2900

(800) 486-4357


(800) 521-CARE (521-2273)

(800) 59-CONCERN

(800) 736-3467

(703) 276-1914

(805) 964-4767

(800) 334-7626, ext. 5129

(877) 803-4622

(703) 248-0161


(888) 479-4968

(317) 839-8157

(212) 284-6500

(800) 225-8550

(888) 256-1900

(866) 810-1203

(800) 77-OXFAM (776-9326)

(800) 730-2537

(617) 432-5256


(800) 728-3843

(828) 262-1980

(888) 511-6548

For a great article on talking to your kids about scary situations in the news, read the following article posted by 

*Credits to Parenting.com and CBS News

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  • ms access: February 22, 2016

    This is a miracle. God’s love is showering upon the baby. That is the power of our Lord. Nothing is impossible.

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