Our top 10 Baby Gifts for 2011

Posted on 23 July 2011

Stork Baby Gift Baskets announces it's top 10 best selling baby gifts so far for 2011!

We offer hundreds of unique baby gifts to welcome newborn babies and any and all of them make a great baby gift but some just seem to stand out a bit more and tend to sell a bit better for one reason or another. We've compiled a list of those that make our top 10 baby gifts for 2011 that tend to sell most often and appear to be favorites amongst our customers as they are ordered time and time again by our most loyal customers.  See if you agree with their choices.


  1. Here Comes The Stork Wagon Gift Set

No. 1 Baby Gift 2011 An all time favorite for corporate baby gifts and personal gift giving as well, this baby gift continues to be our #1 seller! 

This nifty little wagon gift set has certainly taken center stage with our choosiet customer clientale!  It makes the perfect corporate baby gift for clients, co-workers and employees because it features high quality baby gifts that are both practical and adorable as well as affordable and offers an awesome presentation that screams "Congratulations on your New Baby!" It's also perfect for that all so important baby shower gift and new moms absolutely love to receive them!  Available in pastel blue for new baby boy and pastel pink for new baby girl!

For pricing and a full list of contents click here...Here Comes The Stork Wagon Gift Set!


2.  Personalized Rocking Horse Gift Set

No. 2 Baby Gift 2011
This whimsical gift set proves it's popularity over and over again and we know why!  This baby gift is like 3 gifts in one because not only does the new baby receive his or her very own 1st real wooden rocking horse but it also contains an adorable layette set and baby's 1st teddy bear as well!  Did we mention the personalization of baby's 1st name...wow, it's hard to top a gift like this one!  This creative and unique gift holds our #2 spot as one of the most popular baby gifts not only in 2011 but also in the history of our company. Available in pink for girls, blue for boys and mint green for neutral baby gift giving!

For pricing and full details click here...Personalized Rocking Horse Gift Set


3.) Baby Einstein Gifts

No. 3 Baby Gift in 2011

3rd in line for our top 10 baby gifts for 2011 is really hard to narrow down to just one gift because all of our Baby Einstein gifts are very popular, but, featured here is definitely a winner amongst it's contenders!  Our Baby Einstein Polyglot Activity Wagon Gift Set may be a mouthfull to say but it's a wagon load full of great baby gifts too!  The word "polyglot" actually refers to one whom uses many languages and is quite fitting for a gift filled with early interactive toys and books that encourage the use and learning of, you guessed it, many languages! Through song, rhymes and counting, baby is introduced to seven different languages and the bright colors alone are sure to capture his attention.  What a great gift for any new parent and an exceptional baby shower gift as well!

For this and other great Baby Einstein gifts click here...Baby Einstein Gifts


4.) Playful Pastimes Gift Baskets

No.4 Baby Gift 2011 Next is our adorable line of Playful Pastimes baby baskets featuring a bright plush green frog for neutral gift giving, a sweet pink kitty for baby girls and a loveable blue puppy for baby boys! Each gift basket offers free personalization of baby's name and contains an array of bright and unique quality baby gifts that the new parents will find very helpful at baby's bathtime!

For pricing and details click a link below:

Personalized Playful Pastimes - Froggy

Personalized Playful Pastimes - Kitty

Personalized Playful Pastimes - Puppy


5.) Baby Clothing Bouquets

No.5 Baby Gift 2011 Our unique Baby Clothing Bouquets make No. 5 on our list this year! It's not surprising at all to us how popular these little beauties are!  We love them for their creative and unique unbeatable style and hidden practicality!

The new mom will certainly love receiving this georgeous bouquet of roses like no other she's ever received.  These precious petals are actually baby gifts rolled up and disquised as flowers!

How befitting for the beautiful new mama and her beautiful new baby too! She will love it!  Available in pink, blue and green.

For pricing and details clid a link below:

Baby Bouquet - Girl

Baby Bouquet - Boy

Baby Bouquet - Neutral


6.)  Diaper Cakes

No. 6 Baby Gift 2011 Our baby diaper cakes are very popular in general but again, one that stands out and makes our list of top 10 baby gifts for 2011 is our Modern Dots Diaper Cake. Again, we're not surprised a bit.  We think it's the simply modern and sophisticated appearance that makes it irresistable as a new baby gift and baby shower centerpiece.  Not to mention it contains one of the most needed baby gifts ever...diapers!  However, this exceptional diaper cake also includes several other surprise gifts hidden inside making it extra fun for the new mom to open! Inside she'll find an assortment of practical baby products every new mom can use for her new baby such as receiving blankets, washcloths, Johnson & Johnson baby products and more! Available in 2 colors - pink or blue. The ribbon can be personalized with a special custom message from you and baby's initials can be included for free!

For pricing and a full list of baby contents click a link below:

Modern Dots Diaper Cake - Blue

Modern Dots Diaper Cake - Pink


7.) SWEETest Baby Gift Basket

No. 7 Baby Gift 2011 Undoubtly, baby gift #7 on our list is one of the 'sweetest' baby gifts of all time...introducing our SWEETest Baby Gift Basket available in pink, blue and neutral colors of green and yellow! This unique baby gift literally looks sweet enough to eat but it's really baby gifts oh so cleverly disguised as sweet treats! Inside this adorable basket, mom will find a concogtion of cupcakes and an assortment of lollipops made of baby clothing perfectly rolled and creatively arranged for one of the sweetest presentations ever!

For pricing and all the "sweet" details click here...SWEETest Baby Gift Basket


8.) Welcome New Arrival Gift Basket

No. 8 Baby Gift 2011 These adorable new arrival baby baskets definitely make our list for 2011, and for good reason!  They are simply adorable and practical as well as affordable!  What more can be said to describe such a gift that is perfect for welcoming any new baby into the world. It's made extra special by including a gift of mints especially for mom and baby gets all of the other great gifts to keep for herself.  Available in 3 colors - pink, blue and neutral browns.

You know the drill...click a link below for more information:

Welcome New Arrival Basket - Girl

Welcome New Arrival Basket - Boy

Welcome New Arrival Basket - Neutral


9.) Personalized Deluxe Bath & Bedtime Gift Set

No. 9 Baby Gift 2011 This adorable baby gift set makes our list for it's practicality, affordability and it's 2-in-1 combo gifts.  Baby will enjoy a deluxe baby gift that serves him well at both bathtime and bedtime including everything from an absorbant terry bath towel right down to a kimono gown with matching booties and a receiving blanket to be wrapped up snuggly warm for the night.  Comes boxed and gift wrapped and personalized with baby's 1st name. Select pink for baby girl and blue for baby boy.

For pricing and contents click a link below:

Deluxe Bath & Bedtime - Boy

Deluxe Bath & Bedtime - Girl


10.) Organic Fresh Produce Baby Gift Set

No. 10 Baby Gift 2011 One more time, we are not surprised our customers love this gift enough for it to make our top 10 list for 2011! Organic baby gifts are hugely popular these days but this one stands out because of it's cute fresh sweet pea produce theme and natural colored handled gift basket!

This 5 piece organic gift set contains layette items sure to please the new mom and her special new little 'sweet pea'!

Click for pricing and details...Organic Fresh Produce Gift Set


So there we have it, our list of most popular baby gifts so far this year.  Be sure to check out our complete selection offered on our website to pick out your favorite baby gift!  If it's not already on this list, perhaps our next!

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