Reese Witherspoon reveals how she's feeling as her pregnancy progresses

Posted on 27 June 2012

It's not very often that you hear actress Reese Witherspoon describe herself as feeling "very round," especially considering the blonde beauty is just five feet and three inches tall and usually looks like she weighs less than 120 pounds.

However, all of that has changed since Witherspoon publicly stated that she was pregnant with husband, Jim Toth. The couple made the big announcement in March. This will be their first child together since they married last year.

The baby is expected to arrive this fall. But, just because Witherspoon is constantly in the public eye doesn't mean she's told anyone but close friends and family the sex of the baby or possible name choices. She's waiting until a little further on in her pregnancy to reveal those special details.

The actress has said that like most pregnant women, she has tried to stay clear of certain fattening foods, like Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. But, Witherspoon admits that it hasn't been easy, especially since she's "always feeling like [she'd] like to eat everything in sight,'' according to People Magazine.

Those cravings aren't unusual. Still, it's important to limit the number of extra calories you are taking in if you are pregnant. Most doctors agree that mommies-to-be shouldn't be getting more than 300 extra calories a day. That means try to keep the junk food you eat to a minimum. Lean protein and fruits and veggies are a much better option.

We have no doubt though, that Reese is taking excellent care of her body. Not only does she look great, even though she's "feeling round," but she's also got a killer smile, radiant glow and sweet personality to match those fabulous outfits we always see her in.

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