Three products designed to make life easier for the mommies you know

Posted on 18 October 2012

Everyone knows that a mother with a newborn hardly has time to do anything. Whether she's carting her lovebug to a doctor's appointment or trying to put him down for a nap, taking care of an infant is likely to leave any mom exhausted.

Luckily, there are some products that can make things a bit easier, according to They are not only completely adorable, they're also quite practical:

1) Innobaby Keepaa - $6
As cute as bundles of joy can be, they are also very messy, especially when drinking from a bottle or juice box. However, the Innobaby Keepaa will keep a kid's beverage from spilling no matter how hard he grasps it. Another plus it that it will hold a liquid with beverage in it of any size.

2) Puj Tub - $40
Giving a tiny tot a bath is typically no simple task. Water is usually flying everywhere, the newborn is screaming and mom is starting to get a headache. This can be a lot less stressful when the mother you know uses the Puj Tub. The soft contraption folds to fit into any sink making scrub-a-dub time far more pleasant.

3) Itzy Ritzy Wrap & Roll - $40
Ask any woman with a child and she will tell you that carrying an infant carseat by the crook of her arm is anything but comfortable. In fact, sometimes it can be downright painful. However, the Itzy Ritzy Wrap & Roll is a cushion-filled arm pad that is placed around the handle of the carrier, making it much simpler to take baby from point A to point B.

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