Tips for throwing a fun baby shower for expecting moms and dads

Posted on 13 March 2012


Baby showers are celebrations expecting parents look forward to. Celebrating with friends, opening unique baby gifts, and playing fun games are all activities that women typically enjoy during this festive occasion.

And as ideas about parenting have evolved, so has the notion that showers are mother-only events. Now, more men are choosing to partake in the fun.

If you are planning a baby shower and want to include daddy, offers a few tips that won't make daddy or other men in attendance feel out of place.

Try throwing a storybook theme shower. Print the information on playful invitations that are reminiscent of your favorite childhood story. If asked what gifts would be appropriate, try suggesting that guests bring storybooks, like "Goodnight Moon," which can help start your baby's first library. As people leave, hand out custom-made bookmarks or journals.

Another cute idea that will appeal to daddy and mommy is to throw a monkey themed baby shower. Use a monkey print for the background of the invitation and consider baking a simple monkey cake for you and your guests using box cake mix and canned frosting. If the idea of baking a cake is slightly intimidating, a caterer in your area will undoubtedly have no problem creating one for you.

Favors can include delicious and homemade banana chocolate chip bread or banana nut muffins wrapped in cellophane wrapping tied with a pretty grosgrain ribbon.

So whether you choose to include daddy or make it an all-women's affair, these tips will help ensure that your baby shower is an event to remember for years to come.

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