3 products that make breastfeeding easier and more enjoyable

Posted on 13 July 2012

Looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. Although it may appear easy, feeding your baby by this method can be difficult as some babies are fussy eaters and getting up to feed a newborn every two hours isn't for the fainthearted.

But for mommies to who choose to nurse, there are some products Parenting.com features on its website that they can use to make providing their baby with essential nutrients a bit simpler.

Here are three products parents who breastfeed may want to consider:

1) Medela 16 mm nipple shield
Although most women say that breastfeeding doesn't hurt, there are many who say that it does. Feeding your baby should never be painful, and that is why Medela came out with its 16 mm nipple shield. This item provides moms with relief by making it easier for the baby to latch on to the breast and providing a solid barrier between the breast and little one's mouth.

2) Lansinoh nipple cream
Many moms say that after breastfeeding for a long time, their nipples become sore and even cracked. To help remedy that problem, it's a good idea to apply nipple cream, made by companies like Lansinoh. Another benefit to this product is that it has no preservatives or additives, meaning women don't have to wash it off their breast before feeding their bundle of joy.

3) Bobby Wildflowers Pillow
Most of the time, moms are seated and hunched over when nursing. As such, their backs may become sore. This pillow helps prop the little one up their mom's level so moms don't have to bend over at all. If women who are breastfeeding notice that their lower back is hurting, another solution is for them to place a stack of books under their feet to ensure good and straight posture.

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