- I am sending something as gift, do you include pricing?

*We will never include pricing with our items shipped. A gift card or a packing slip may be included with a gift card message but never pricing.

- I am sending more than one gift, will they ship together?

*Items starting with the same letters can typically ship together or at least at the same time from the same location.

So for example, if you select one item the product number starts with "BBC" and a second item that starts with "BGC" then no, they will not ship together. In this case, we will estimate which item will arrive 1st and include a note to your recipient to let them know that another gift will be arriving shortly.

- Can I include a gift card message to my recipient?

*Yes, all product pages include a text area so you can include a personalized message to your recipient.

-What if I forgot to include a gift card message?

*Feel free to contact us either by phone or email and we can still include it as long as your gift has not been packaged to ship. We will always include at least the billing name provided on the order form if the gift card message was left blank so at least your recipient knows whom sent the gift.

Need help with wording ideas for your gift card?  See our gift card message ideas here.

-Can I place an order over the phone?

*You can always place an order over the phone during our normal business hours of M-F 9-5 EST however, keep in mind, if you place your order online it is much quicker for us to respond with any information regarding your order including tracking info.

-What is the correct way to list initials for a monogram?

*When selecting a style for your monogram, keep in mind that the order of initials varies according to the style.

For monogram styles in which the center letter is taller than the others, the order of initials is traditionally first/last/middle. For example, if your name is Sara Marie Smith, the monogram would be SSM.

For styles in which all letters are equal in size, the order of initials should be first/middle/last. In this case, the monogram would be SMS.

-What if my gift takes longer than the processing time shown on the product page?

*Processing times are an estimated time frame in which we strive to get your gift out the door, however, it is an estimate only and is no way guaranteed.

-What is my gift looks different from the one shown on the website.

From time to time, an item may have been updated or changed by the designer before a new photo has been issued. 


Photos may show items that are seasonal or no longer available. We reserve the right to replace items with another of equal or greater value based on availability.


-I ordered from the "Fast Shipping" page, will my gift be delivered today?

No - Fast Shipping means your gift leaves our facility the same day or within one business day of your order (if ordered before 12:00 EST), it does not mean Same Day Delivery - delivery depends on shipping methods selected. Normal delivery times still must be taken into account.

**Disclaimer - We are not able to guarantee our "same day shipping" due to the fact that our warehouses may occasionally be shut down temporarily due to bad weather or other reasons.


- I ordered printed invitations, can I cancel the order?

*Your order may be cancelled within 24 hours with a full refund UNLESS the printing process has already begun (if this is the case, your order cannot be cancelled and will ship as ordered).  All proofs sent prior to cancellation will incur a charge of $12.00 if an order is cancelled.  

- I ordered a digital file, can I cancel the order?

*You may only cancel this type of order if no proof has yet been emailed to you.  Once a proof has been provided, it cannot be refunded ~ no exceptions.



-When I submit credit card information online, is it secure?

*Absolutely. Stork Baby Gift Baskets website uses technology for the 21st century by securing each and every page using SSL encryption throughout our entire site to ensure that no data can be intercepted as it goes over the network. You will notice a padlock icon in the address bar of every page, "https"indicting each and every page throughout our website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. SSL renders information unreadable should anyone try to intercept it.


-What is Stork Baby Gift Baskets commitment to the safety of their products?

*Stork Baby Gift Baskets has been in business since 1999 is dedicated to offering our customers healthy and safe products for their children. All Stork Baby Gift Baskets products are crafted of high-quality materials that meet or exceed federal safety requirements set forth by the CPSIA.


-I received a gift that I don't want, can I return it and send another item for someone else I know using the credit received?

*We do not accept returns from recipients. We can only accept returns from the original purchaser.  Read our Returns/Refunds policies.


-How long will it take before my gift arrives?

Each product lists estimated processing times before an item leaves our facility.  You must also factor in estimated shipping time for an estimated delivery time.

-What shipping options are available?

*All of our products offer ground shipping options which is typically 1-5 business days. Some of our products offer a two-day, three-day or next day air option. Each product will display your choices on the product pages under the  VIEW SHIPPING RATES/ MAP FOR THIS ITEM  pop-up link options.


-Do you ship gifts to other countries other than the United States?

*We currently offer gifts to Canada.  Our products beginning with SKU: CBC can ship throughout Canada.  Click Here to view available products.


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