A Truly Memorable Baby Shower

Posted on 03 August 2007

Proper Baby Shower Host and Guest of Honor Etiquette



Too many times I’ve been invited to a baby shower and been left with a bad taste in my mouth so to speak so I’ve listed some points from a ‘guest’ stand point. 


To the guest of honor, this may be your party but you are not a princess and you need to show some true gratitude, class and common courtesy!  You’ve spent a lot of time planning the perfect shower but don’t forget the most important part…how you will behave and make your guest feel!



Not everyone knows proper etiquette, which really applies to any type of shower or party you may be hosting. I understand and I also understand that many guests of honor are young or just plain shy but “you’ve got to get over it” for one afternoon! No excuses!  No one has to come to your party, no one has to spend their hard earned money on a gift for you and spend two hours (or more) of their busy lives and be left to feel that their extended thoughtfulness was unappreciated.



I’ve listed several things which I feel are very important.


1.)    Greet your guests as they enter!  This is very important to make your guests feel welcomed.  You might lead them in the direction of the shower gift table or take the gift from them and place on the table yourself. No one appreciates walking into a room full of people that they may not know and be left standing there. Then…



2.)    Show them their seating if you have assigned seats or offer them to sit wherever they desire but at least offer them a seat! Then introduce them to others sitting near by to make them feel a bit more comfortable.



3.)    The guest of honor should make it a point to visit each person attending!  2 or 3 minutes is all it takes but personally visit each guest. If they don’t even know you, introduce yourself!  A lot of times distant family or friends of friends are invited and they may not know you personally and many times people travel great distances just to attend.  They brought you a gift for goodness sakes…you could at least show you appreciate them being there.



4.)    For goodness sakes, if you’re serving food at your event offer food that is edible!  I cannot tell you how many showers I’ve attended where the food was obviously made by people who don’t eat their own food!  If they did, they would never serve the stuff to others.  If you don’t like to cook then hire someone else who does.  You cannot skimp out on this part.  People go without eating all morning to attend an afternoon or early evening shower expecting to eat when they get there and it’s another way of saying…thanks for coming to my event, so make it good.



5.)    As you open each of your gifts, make eye contact with the person whom gave the gift and say ‘Thank You’! Then comment on how nice the gift is (weather you really like it, need it or whatever). So many people forget this part.  If you’re not sure who the person is…ASK!  They will wave at you or something to let you know but it’s important to them that you at least acknowledge them and their gift!



6.)    Here’s a Biggy! It is your responsibility as the hostess or guest of honor to make each guests feel comfortable and welcomed.  Watch out for your guests.  Be helpful if necessary, especially the elderly people.  I have seen elderly woman at showers trying to get themselves a plate of food in the food line and fill plates for their grandchildren while holding on to a walking cane and shaking all at the same time!  Please…offer to help them out.  Its common sense, common courtesy and called being respectful of your elders! 


7.)    Last but not least, as your guests begin leaving, thank them again for coming.  Take or shake their hand and make direct eye contact. Then make sure your written thank you notes are in the mail within 2-3 days of your event.  There is no excuse whatsoever for skipping out on this detail either.


In conclusion, be warm, grateful and hospitable. Your guests will remember that for a long time to come more than they will the fancy shower favors you provided or matching theme dinner plates.  Your shower will truly be an unforgettable event!



Please feel free to post your thoughts or comments. Let me know if you agree or disagree. Have you ever been treated rudely while attending a shower or been offended in some way?  Share your story.

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