ABC - 123 New Baby Gifts

Posted on 13 July 2016

Introducing three new baby gifts presented in an attractive ABC decorated box.


This sweet and thoughtful gift can be customized in blue for a boy or pink for a girl and contains items that baby will find to be soothing and comforting.  It  includes a soft & plush two-ply blanket to cuddle baby and a plush lamb Lovey.

The silky soft two-ply baby blanket has a textured finish on one side and plush fabric on the other. The blanket is decorated with blue stars for boys and pink dots for girls and is machine washable and measures 29" x 38".

The plush lamby security blanket is made from a soft and plush fabric and has a 3" satin trim all around to provide a reassuring tactile sensation for baby. The Lovey measures 15" x 22". 


Every new baby needs the basics and this gift set includes several layette items to start them off. It's classic "Baby" embroidery design is perfect for both genders so no worries, you can feel totally comfortable giving this at the baby shower when baby's gender is a secret or yet unknown.

High quality 100% cotton and cotton terry top notch layette items lovingly made in the USA by one of our leading designers are included in this versatile newborn baby gift.

Basic clothing and bathing necessities include a cotton sleep gown that will fit baby up to six months of age, a baby hat, bib and an 8" x 8" washcloth.


Twins are actually quite common these days and this adorable and unique baby gift for each of the babies covered... beautifully!

This unique gift set features two soft and plush baby blankets to cuddle both babies and a warm cuddly 12" teddy bear wearing an embroidered wearing a t-shirt embroidered with "Twins" for them to share. And this versatile basket is perfect for twin boys, twin girls or one of each!

Each blanket is attractively embroidered with the word baby and are identical except for one distinct feature. The A is capitalized in one blanket and the B in the other. Since bragging rights about birth order and who is actually the "older twin" is a common among twins, these baby blankets acknowledge that in a most unique and cute way!


Each of our gifts include a 12" x 10" x 6" decorated ABC storage box and will  surely be useful to help keep baby's things in order in the nursery. Tulle gift wrap and a  personalized gift card message from you completes the impressive presentation.

So there you have it, now choosing a baby gift is as easy as ABC and 123!

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