Actress Jennifer Garner says hubby Ben Affleck wants what?!

Posted on 09 August 2012

It seems like just recently we read about how actress Jennifer Garner and her husband Ben Affleck were expecting their first child, Violet. Fast-forward six years to the present. The couple has not only raised one little one, but rather three! Time sure does fly by.

Three years after delivering Violet, Garner and Affleck welcomed baby Seraphina into the world. Around two and a half years later, Samuel was born. You may find yourself trying to keep track of who was born when, but we've got some surprising news for you: no, the dynamic duo isn't about to announce their fourth pregnancy, but during an interview with television show "Extra," Garner did say that her hubby would be up for expanding their clan.

''The fact that Ben wants another IS true… I can tell you that would be a pretty uphill battle with me. I am not anticipating having any more kids!'' said the brunette beauty.

Garner said that, while being a mom to three little ones is certainly a blessing, she wasn't prepared for how much work it was going to be. In fact, during the interview, she described her life as "absolute chaos!"

Luckily, the Hollywood A-lister said that while she's working on films like "The Odd Life of Timothy Green," she's got the help of her superstar hubby. According to Garner, ''Ben took a break, he came, he did the school drop-offs and pick-ups and bedtimes.''

It looks like this couple has got the whole parenting thing down pat. Now, if only Jen and Ben could teach certain other Hollywood stars to be the same great parents they are.

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