Are Baby Gifts and Guys Mutually Exclusive?

Posted on 07 September 2007

By: Brian F Connors

Ever had a situation in which a gift was needed to be sent by you to someone for an occasion but you were absolutely stymied about what to give? I'm confident that this circumstance has occurred during the celebration for a new baby. This is especially true for the menfolk out there that generally have no inkling regarding the correct etiquette to guide their baby gifts choices.

Guys, is there a type of gift that would hide your helpless ineptitude and actually show a sense of grace or, dare I say, savoir-faire? Absolutely, my male comrades! The answer is Baby Gift Baskets. They are simple to find on the internet and to dispatch to anyone, anywhere across the continental USA. It would be a bada bing - bada boom exercise that's a cinch to do.

These gift baskets contain all of the cute and cuddly stuff that you won't have to shop for. Teething toys. bibs, booties, ducky and teddy bear items plus more can be magically brought together and purchased in one fell swoop. The baby gifts can also be customized for boy or girl. The basket itself is another gift that can add to the décor of the baby's room. Starting to see the light here, boys?

Here's the plan, Stan. Go to Google or Yahoo or whatever and type in keywords or phrases that relate to the type of item to be purchased. How about "newborn baby gifts delivery" or "baby gifts" or ...Wait...I just had another startling cosmic revelation! Try "baby gift baskets" and press the Search button. Shaaazam! That should get you on your way to shopping for and choosing the right gift basket at the right price.

You would then give instructions to the Baby Gift Basket online store of whom to send it to and where to ship the merchandise and by when. Then make a secure credit card payment that's within your financial wherewithal and the process is complete. No mall shopping anxiety. No carefully wrapping and packaging the gift. No impatiently standing in line at the Post Office to mail. Need I say more?

You may have to sincerely ask yourself the question "What part of this don't I understand?" Read this article again if that's what it takes for you to realize how this advice has made you more sophisticated and worldly within the realm of Guydom. Take heed not to get all giggly once you grasp the concept because remember...You're a guy! Just pass me some pretzels and the remote and we'll call it even, OK?

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