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Posted on 29 December 2012

Fun Baby Shower Themes and Gifts

If you’re planning a baby shower, you may be looking for fun themes and  baby gifts that are a bit off the beaten track. It's easy to go  with the typical pastel blue for a boy or pastel pink for a girl, but there are many different of ways to add fun to a baby shower celebration! Baby gifts can be incorporated into the theme to make the event lots of fun. Baby Einstein gift baskets are filled with great educational tools for children, and if you want to emphasize learning in your shower theme, this is an excellent option. There are many baby gift collections available that highlight characters and stories that are part of the Baby Einstein product line, and it's easy to find related party ware and decorations to use in the context of a shower that focuses on learning. Make sure to include a request for learning themed baby gifts in the shower invitations. You'll find that Dr. Seuss is another fantastic shower theme. The collection of Dr. Seuss baby gifts at ranges from book collections to story themed baby clothing. The rhyming of the popular collection of children's books can be used to develop your shower games and activities. In fact, do some creative rhyming in order to compose the invitations. You won't lack for decor ideas, and your guests will have lots of ideas for baby gifts. Disney themed baby showers are also very popular. You can track down many wonderful Disney baby gifts that feature a specific Disney character. Diaper cakes with Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse are always fun, and book and toy collections are excellent baby gifts! Of course, there are so many Disney related party decorations available that you'll have no difficulty putting together a great event with tons of fun activities for the mother-to-be and her friends. Get creative in your event planning with a theme based on little red wagons. There are many different sized wagons, which include a variety of adorable baby gifts. Little red wagon baby gifts can be found with collections of books, toys, baby clothing and other essentials for newborns and new moms. You can learn more about these and many other baby gift baskets when you shop!

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