The ABC's of Baby Gifts: Stork Baby Gifts

Posted on 01 February 2013

Just for fun we've put together a List of ABC's of Baby Gifts at Stork Baby Gift Baskets!  It can be used as a guide to many of our unique baby gifts for quick reference or shared with friends and family who might like to learn about and all we have to offer!  

A is for Affordable Gifts

Stork Baby Gift Baskets has been in the business of offering affordable baby gifts for over  a decade now and still loving every minute of delivering baby gifts of congratulations to newborn babies and their proud parents! We offer an awesome selection of gifts at every price level so no matter what your budget is your sure to find the perfect baby gift!  We also offer many discount coupons and free personalization to help you save even more.

B is for Baby Boy Gifts

Stork Baby Gift Baskets is your online source for baby boy gifts!  We offer  an abundance of baby gifts that cater to welcoming the newborn baby baby boy in a variety of unique presentations and themes!  We feature baby boy clothes, blankets, bibs, toys and more in tin buckets, wicker and willow gift baskets,  boxes, bouquets and wagons all in little boy themes.  Just browse our baby boy gifts to view our full selection, you're sure to find the perfect gift for a special baby boy!

C is for CPSIA Safety

At Stork Baby Gift Baskets we want  to assure you when you select a gift from our online baby store, you've chosen something safe to give to a baby or small child.  We are completely committed to quality and safety and want you to be confident that when you choose a gift from our company for a new infant, toddler or child that you love, you can be rest assured that we have carefully selected only items that meet our high quality standards and follow all guidelines set forth by the CPSC.

D is for Diaper Cake Gifts

We offer a selection of unique baby diaper cakes and diaper cake gifts for baby showers and new baby gifts.  If you don't already know, a diaper cake is a layered gift of diapers stacked to resemble a real cake.  They typically follow a theme such as baby girl, baby boy, Safari and many others.  They are decorated with small essential baby gifts such as baby blankets, teethers, bibs, articles of baby clothing including socks, onesies and sometimes whole outfits.  Of course the main ingredient is diapers and usually brand-name disposable diapers are used but can also be made with cloth or eco-friendly diapers as well. They are then wrapped in either a white tulle or clear cellophane and tied up with pretty and coordinating ribbons and bows!  They are often used as decor at a matching themed baby shower as a centerpiece  on the gift table.  They are as much fun to give as they are to receive and rate at the top for practical baby gifts!

E  is for Embroidered Gifts

Personalized or embroidered baby gifts are always an exceptional choice for congratulating a new baby on his safe arrival!  At Stork Baby Gift Baskets, we specialize in these types of gifts and will happily embroider baby's name, initials and birthdate on any of our personalized gifts or baskets.  We also offer personalized baby blankets and clothing as well as keepsake gifts such as rocking chairs and wooden step-stools that can also be personalized at no additional cost!

F is for Family Gifts

A  fun way to congratulate the mom and dad on their new  arrival and include any siblings as well is to send  one of awesome family baby gifts!  They include a majority of the gifts for baby but add something like cookies or candy for the rest of the family to share.  It's a nice way of  acknowledging the whole clan in the congratulations without purchasing individual gifts for all! Of course, if you'd  prefer to do so, we also offer many nice spa baskets just for the new mommy focusing on how the  importance of taking care of herself  as well and pampering her a bit.  We also offer lots of fun sibling  gifts for youngster's that you'd like to relate how special they still are during all of the new excitement of the new baby.

G is for Baby Girl Gifts

At Stork Baby Gift Baskets, you can find an endless assortment of special baby girl gifts!  Most of our new baby girl gift baskets focus on the pastel pink theme for girls but if you don't want to go with the traditional color of pink, no worries, we offer lots of other choices as well! Our gift baskets for little girls tend to be the gift of choice with most of our customers but we offer lots of other unique baby girl gift ideas as well such as adorable baby girl dresses, bath robes, personalized layette sets and blankets, keepsake banks and so much more!  No matter what you decide on, our diverse selection of beautiful baby gifts for girls ensures you're sure to find the perfect new little princess gift!

H is for Handmade Gifts

All of our baby gift baskets at Stork Baby Gift Baskets are put together by hand but all of the contents are not necessarily hand-made. We do however offer many gifts that are hand-made, hand-painted or hand-crafted.  They are actually some of the nicest and most unique gifts we offer! The only down-side to a hand-made baby gift would be the wait time before they ship but since they are created individually by hand, it is necessary. Our talented designer's are very busy crafting their creations and would love to create one especially for you!  I can honestly say that they are special baby gifts well worth the wait and once baby does receive one of our hand-made baby gifts, it will be treasured for a long time to come!

I is for Incredible Impressions

Stork Baby offers gifts that just stand out and make an Incredible Impression!  When you want to make a huge impact on your recipient to show you care and share your sincere enthusiasm and joy, you you want a gift from We help send smiles across the miles! Our unique baby gift baskets and baby gift sets are second to none and are known for their remarkable design, marvelous presentation and impeccable high quality baby gifts!

J is for Jungle Gifts

We're mentioning our Jungle Themed Baby Gifts first of all because we needed something that started with the letter J and quite frankly, didn't want to go with something silly like Jolly but our Jungle Baby Gifts are actually one of most popular themed gifts so it kinda works!   And speaking of  Jolly and Jungle, we actually have a brand-new baby basket just recently added named "Jolly Jungle", go figure!   It's actually used as our featured picture here. Jungle themes for baby are very popular whether your talking nursery themes, baby shower themes or baby gifts because first of all they are fun.  Who could resist a bunch of cute animals such as jungle monkeys, lions, elephants and tigers?   Many jungle themes also include the giraffe which is technically found on the Savannah and not the jungle but it's so cute that it's included interchangeably between the two themes and our jungle  gift basket is no exception. Second of all, the colors are interesting and bright fun for baby and most children are fascinated with animals so why not a Jungle theme gift to welcome a new little one?  It also works well for either a baby boy gift or baby girl gift and especially if you don't know baby's gender yet.  Of course, you can also find many other themed gifts as well such as Baby Einstein gifts,  Dr. Seuss or Disney Micky Mouse and Winnie The Pooh, just to name a few of what we offer!

K is for Keepsake Gifts

You'll find many adorable keepsake baby gifts in our store.  They tend to be extremely popular and many of them can be personalized as well which makes them extra special to the new parents.  Gifts worthy of being categorized as keepsakes would be things like wooden rocking chairs, wooden rocking horses, keepsake gift boxes, baby jewelry, personalized blankets, photo albums, hand-crochet sweater and booties, personalized picture frames, ceramic birh plates, ceramic name plaques, etc. You get the picture. Unfortunately, we do not yet carry all of the items mentioned yet (we're working on that) but we do offer a majority of the above mention-ables.

L is for Luxury Gifts

If your searching and interested in purchasing a more luxury type of baby gift, then once again your in the right place! Although, most of our gifts tend to fall in a "practical" vs "luxury" catergory, we do offer a few higher end gift baskets, blankets and  layette sets.  These gifts tend to be a bit pricier but are typically made with pricier higher end baby products. Some examples might be our "All Natural Organic Gift Basket" made with full size Burt's Bee's baby products and featured here.  We also offer several luxury layette baskets where several items included are personalized with baby's name or intial such as our Initalized Tote Bag Gift Set for baby boy or our Pretty Baby Essentials Gift Basket for baby girl.  We can't possibly mention all of them here but feel free and click here to browse our site for many more luxury baby gifts!

M is for Monogrammed Gifts

Another one of our specialty's is Monogrammed Baby Gifts!  We know how popular these types of gifts are so we offer many items that can be embroidered with baby's name or initial. We  have monogrammed baby dresses, baby blankets and  layette baby baskets that can be monogrammed with up to three letters for baby's first and last name as well as a middle name if so desired to include it.  We typically follow the traditional monogram format of the last name initial being placed in the center, the first name first and middle initial last. Of course, if you wish to have us monogram differently, not a problem, just enter baby's initials in the order you wish.  Also, any of our personalized baby gifts can include baby's initial instead of the full first name, just add a letter instead of baby's name and your wish is our command!

N is for Newborn Gifts

Most of the gifts offered in our store are geared toward congratulating a new baby and therefore would be considered newborn baby gifts! The items featured in our newborn baby gift baskets and gift sets would be many items that newborn babies would tend to use and most of the clothing items are in newborn sizes, typically 0-3 mos or 0-6 mos.  We realize however that not every baby may necessarily fit into a newborn size even at birth so a lot of times by request, we can exchange an article of clothing for a bigger size.  Also, we know from experience that sometimes a gift is sent several months after baby has been born so again, with a simple request, we can accommodate! Be sure to check out our newborn baby clothes as well where most is geared toward the newborn baby, we also offer many in larger sizes as well. For much toddlers or bigger children, we might suggest sending a gift that contains no baby clothes at all  instead such as a book basket or an educational wagon gift set.  These gifts offer toys, books, cd's and more that are age appropriate up to  three years old and that's not to say that baby won't still be enjoying some of the items even at age four or five!

O is for Organic Gifts

If you know of a new mom whom is interested in using only all natural or organic products on her new baby, then one of our Eco-friendly organic baby gifts would be the perfect baby gift for her! Visit our organic baby gifts page to find lots of 100% organic cotton clothing and layette sets, blankets, sleeper and bib sets, and baby baskets that contain organic essentials, all natural baby bathing products and organic toys!  You'll even find an organic clothing bouquet which is a bouquet of baby clothing made to look like a bouquet in a flower pot!

P is for Personalized Gifts

Make any baby gift instantly extra special by adding baby's name, initial and or birth date!  We offer a huge selection of personalized baby gifts where baby's special name can be featured on bibs, blankets, tote bags, layette sets, wooden rocking chairs, stepping-stools, baby outfits and more! Whenever you purchase any of our personalized baby gifts, we don't charge anything extra!  That's right, we never charge extra for personalization!  Many of our monogrammed baby baskets feature custom ribbon embroidery as well so you can add a personalized message of congratulations for a beautiful and extra special presentation!  Send your best wishes to the new infant boy or girl with a unique and memorable item they will absolutely love!

Q is for Quick & Courteous Service

We know when it comes to baby gifts, you could purchase from any number of online retailers but you've chosen to shop at or inquire about are products so we don't want to keep you waiting!   Phones are answered daily between  9:00 am and 5:00 pm and emails are answered within a 24 hour period or less.   You'll receive a friendly voice on the other end no matter which contact method you choose.   We appreciate your business!

R is for the Right Gift

When you want to send a baby gift to someone special on your gift list, you want it to be the "right gift"!  You want your recipient to know how much thought when into selecting just the right gift for them and we understand!  Gifting a newborn seems simple enough but you want the gift you send to reflect your feelings of  love and excitement and we are here to help you do just that!   We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have or if you need any help at all...we're just a phone call away or an email away too,  whichever you prefer!

S is for Sibling Gifts

disney-mickey-sibling Remembering and including any older siblings in the celebration of a new baby is always a very nice gesture and usually very appreciated by the new parents. It can sometimes be difficult for a big brother or big sister to deal with their mixed feelings over the new arrival. They are sure to experience feelings of joy and excitement but with the new baby getting so much attention and lots of gifts on top of that, well it could get a bit over-whelming for a young one, especially when they are used to being the center of attention. We make including a sibling gift with baby's gifts as easy as possible.  First, we offer several choices and price options, second, we give a discount to your shipping total on sibling gifts that begin with the same item number as your gift to baby and third, if your selections do need to ship separate from one another, we anticipate which will arrive first and include a note to your recipient that there is another gift on it'sway soon!

T is for Twins Gifts

twins-night-owl-robe-setWhen there is more than one baby to celebrate, a twins baby gift or gift for multiples is very appropriate and we offer lots of choices and selection so your sure to find something the new mom and dad will appreciate receiving for their new little pair or clan! We offers gift sets and baby gift baskets that feature two of everything so neither baby feels left out at all!  (We also offer some triple gifts as well!)  After all, twins will share a lot over the years so we want each little one to enjoy being celebrated together but also as the  unique  little individuals they are!

U is for Unique Gifts

When your searching for something different or a bit unusual to send or take to the baby shower, you've come to the right place!  We specialize in unique boutique style baby gifts and offer lots of extraordinary and unique baby gifts such as hand-made or hand-painted baby gift sets. We offer creative or hand-crafted gifts that are not only adorable and practical but affordable as well and can't be found in any department store or even online as many of our baby gifts are found exclusively at

V is for Victorious

Victorious is what you will feel after searching and finding the perfect baby gift for that special new little someone!  Whether your searching out a gift for a client, co-worker, friend or family member, we make finding the perfect gift for baby both easy and fun!

W is for Wonderful Selection

Wow, talk about choices huh?  Our huge selection has only one's sometimes hard to select a gift with so many wonderful and beautiful baby gifts to choose from!   We've had customer's say though, they don't mind and many have found it to be quite delightful just browsing and viewing about all the different products! We're constantly updating too and adding new products and fresh ideas almost daily.  Be sure to check out our  New Arrivals page for the newest gifts recently added!

X is for eXcellent Service

Over the years we've had many customer's write to thank us for our excellent service!  We love to receive those compliments and strive to exceed the average level of service that you can frequently find elsewhere. Delivering excellent service means being courteous, helpful, friendly and timely with returning phone calls and answering emails. To put it simply, we love what we do and it shows!

Y is for Year-round Shopping

Stork Baby Gift Baskets offers online year-round shopping on our entire selection of baby gifts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!  Our typical business hours are Monday through Friday  9-5 EST.  We encourage our customers to email us or leave a voicemail if contacting us during non-business hours and we can respond as soon as we return.  Contact us at our toll-free number at 1-866-383-3330 or emal us at   You may also contact us through our website by filling out our contact form.

Z is for Zippy Delivery

Looking to get that baby gift delivered in a hurry?  No worry!   Each of  our product pages displays a ground shipping map so you can estimate how soon your package will arrive at it's destination if shipping via a ground service such as UPS or Fedex.  If you decide you want it there sooner, many of our gift items offer expedited shipping but if you don't see it offered, give us a call and we can help. We also offer a "Same Day Shipping" page where all the gifts featured here will ship out the day you place the order as long as we have the order before 12:00 pm EST.  If we receive it after the cutoff time, it could still ship right away but it will ship the next business day for sure if not!

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