Baby Love Shower Ideas

Posted on 23 January 2024

Are you ready to celebrate the impending arrival of a little bundle of joy? It's time to throw a baby shower that's as sweet as can be! And what better way to do that than with a baby love theme? With hearts, flowers, red and pink hues mixed with silver, gold, white or any other coordinating color that tickles your fancy and a touch of February charm, your baby shower will be a heartfelt affair that will leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


 Baby Love Baby Shower


Why Choose a Baby Love Theme?

When it comes to baby showers, there are countless themes to choose from. But a baby love theme is perfect for celebrating the love and joy that a new baby brings, especially a baby expected in the month of February. It's a theme that's all about spreading love and happiness, just like your little sweetheart will do when they arrive. 

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Invitations that Make Hearts Skip a Beat

Of course, no baby shower is complete without the perfect invitations. When it comes to a baby love theme, you'll want to choose invitations that are as sweet as can be. Look for designs that feature hearts, red and pink colors, and adorable illustrations. You can even add a touch of February flair by incorporating elements like Cupid's arrow or lovebirds. And don't forget to include all the important details, like the date, time, and location of the shower, as well as any special instructions or requests.


Baby Love Shower Invitation

Baby Love Pink Shower Invitation


Baby Love Blue Shower Invitation

Baby Love Blue Shower Invitation


Setting the Mood with Hearts and Hues

When it comes to decorations, hearts are a must for a baby love theme baby shower. From heart-shaped balloons to heart-patterned tablecloths, sprinkle your venue with love. And don't forget the color scheme! Red and pink are the stars of the show, creating a warm and cute atmosphere that's perfect for celebrating your little one.   






Little Sweetheart Garland



Pom Pom Hanging Decor


Red Berry Hearts and Stems in Mason Jars

12 pc Heart and Flower Table Centerpieces



Cute table centerpieces can include flower bouquets, candles, or any item that compliments your sweetheart theme. Follow through on your theme with plates and cups that will tie your table look together.  Disposable party plates make clean up a breeze.



 Pink Floral Party Supplies

Pretty Pink Floral 350 pc Partyware Set



Conversation Heart Baby Shower Tableware

Conversation Hearts 350 pc Tableware Set


Activities to Melt Hearts

No baby shower is complete without some fun activities to keep your guests entertained. For a baby love theme, consider setting up a DIY onesie decorating station. Provide plain white onesies, fabric markers, and iron-on heart patches, and let your guests unleash their creativity. It's a heartwarming activity that will leave the parents-to-be with a collection of adorable onesies made with love.


Onesie Station


  1. Printable Baby Shower Onesie Decorating Instruction Sheet
  2. Plain White Cotton Unisex Baby Onesies
  3. Fabric Markers and Fabric Dye
  4. Iron-on heart patches
  5. Fabric Fusion Sheets or Glue
  6. Iron
  7. Scissors

* Create a cute clothesline display to hang the onesies before and after decorating for drying.


Sweet Treats for Your Sweetheart

What's a baby shower without some delicious treats? For a baby love theme, incorporate heart-shaped desserts into your menu. From heart-shaped cookies to heart-shaped cupcakes, these sweet treats will not only satisfy your guests' taste buds but also make for adorable Instagram-worthy photos. After all, who can resist a dessert made with love?


Heart Shaped Cake Pops

Image by Nikki Cervone


Little Sweetheart Cake Topper

Little Sweetheart Cake Topper


Spread the Love with Favors

As a token of appreciation, send your guests home with sweet and thoughtful favors. Consider giving out heart-shaped candles, heart-shaped chocolates, or even heart-shaped succulents. These little tokens of love will remind your guests of the joyous celebration and the love that filled the air.


Pink Organza Treat Bags 

 Organza Treat Bags


 Scented Pink Heart Soap Favors

Scented Pink Heart Soap Favors


Baby Love Personalized Hershey Kiss Stickers

Baby Love Personalized Hershey Kiss Sticker Favors


So, if you're planning a baby shower, why not go for a baby love theme? With hearts, red and pink hues, and a touch of February charm, your baby shower will be a heartfelt celebration that will leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Get ready to shower your little sweetheart with love and happiness!

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