Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

Posted on 12 April 2013

To Play or Not To Play Baby Shower Games


If your hosting an upcoming baby shower, one of the decisions you will be making is whether or not to offer game playing at your event.  Not everyone does and it's not a requirement but in my opinion anyway, it does add to the fun and is a great way to break the ice and get your guest co-mingling a bit! 

I can remember attending baby shower's as a young girl with my mom (back in the day) when it was customary to bring only daughters to showers.  Games were also customary then and something you (or at least I) really looked forward to!  Small prizes were also given out to the winners, things like kitchen dish towels, bath salts or bubble baths and smaller what nots to add to the fun!  A winner of a game would reach into a bag that was brought around by the hostess and select something without peaking into the bag first so what you got as a prize was a sur-prise!  Fun memories! Bingo and guessing games were among some of the most common games played and they are all still really fun today to enjoy at a baby shower!  So, if you decided on offering games, you might be searching for some fun and inexpensive games to play.  Don't worry, got ya covered on that little detail! Our friends at Funsational have asked us to share with our readers a really huge sale coming up on Monday Arpil 15th FLASH SALE ONE DAY ONLY!  You can save 25% off your entire order with no minimum purchase of  printable and personalized party games for any occasion!   Get your baby shower printable games on that day and SAVE BIG by using the code April 15.   If you miss out on this sale, you can still save on a couple of other days but not as much so I would mark my calendar to get in on this one for the 15th! Date: April 16th - 21st Link ID: ! Date: April 22nd -30th Link ID:  So...go get your game on!  And create some fun and lasting memories for your guests attending your baby shower!

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