Baby Shower Party Ideas: Drinking Stations

Posted on 11 April 2013

One of the hottest party ideas and trends in baby shower party decorating (or really any party for that matter) seems to be setting up Drinking Stations!  Very similar to your food or desert tables but a fun and unique way of displaying your drinks!  Usually strategically placed away from the busy kitchen area or main attraction  but conveniently placed so that guests can easily help themselves to a drink,  creating another creative and interactive part of your party decor!


I've gathered a few of my favorite drinking station displays I found on Pinterest and wanted to share with you because...well, because that's what I love to do!  I love to share things and these stations are enough to make me want to throw a baby shower even though I know no one expecting!  Take a look at the slideshow gallery below for inspiring baby shower decor tips and ideas for party planning! Will you be incorporating a drinking or beverage station at your baby shower?  We'd love to hear your ideas or send us your pictures and we can feature them in our gallery!

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