Before giving birth, make sure you make an appointment for the following tests

Posted on 04 October 2012

Despite how hard pregnant women try to take good care of their bodies before they deliver, it can be difficult to take every precaution in the book to ensure that their babies are safe. After all, as a mommy-to-be, you know how many appointments you have to get to and all the things you have to haveready before Junior arrives.

But, although you might be busy, you should make it a priority to have the following tests conducted, says, as these examinations can help ensure that you and your bun in-the-oven are healthy:

1) Dental exam
Who knew that healthy gums were connected to a healthy pregnancy? Many women who are preggers may brush off visiting the dentist as unimportant, but you should know that this thinking isn't correct.

"Hormone changes seem to cause your gums to become more inflamed, although we're not really sure why," dentist and consumer adviser for the American Dental Association Kimberly Harms told the website.

You should schedule an appointment twice a year, but Harms states that "If your gums are bleeding frequently, it's a red flag that you need to go in sooner."

2) Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Tests
According to the Cleveland Clinic, anywhere between 1 and 4 percent of pregnancies are complicated due to heart disease. One of the risks that you run if you don't make an appointment for this type of test is that you may develop endocarditis, a possibly fatal infection of the lining of the heart and valves.

3)  Skin examination
Your skin tone is likely to change during those nine months. That is why, many expectant females often ignore moles or skin patches as one of the many symptoms of pregnancy. But, unfortunately, if you don't get these abnormalities checked out by a doctor, you could later find out that you have skin cancer.

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