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Posted on 23 October 2010

Plastic_clothespins_smPutting together a baby shower doesn't have to be difficult or expensive but it does require a certain amount of effort and enthusiasm to make it a memorable party!  You can go all out and spare no expense or you can stick to a budget and get crafty with do it-yourself ideas, either is just fine as long as you cover all the basics and don't skimp on the decorations or food.  Baby showers usually involve bringing gifts for the new baby and the party is simply a way of bringing friends and family together to celebrate a joyous occasion, but you want to show your appreciation for your guest's involvement by providing a really nice time with good food, festive decorations and perhaps some fun baby shower games. So speaking of decorations and such, the first thing you might want to do is decide on the theme of the shower.  If your contemplating a Clothesline Baby Shower theme then continue reading because we've put together some simple and basic ideas to help you get started in your planning. I just love this adorable theme because it's one that can be used whether the baby's gender is known or not and it involves the use of baby clothes as part of the decorations...I just love those teeny tiny baby clothing itself is almost enough to make me want another baby of my own!!! NOT...I'll just stick to throwing the baby shower for friends and family...thank you very much! The Baby Clothesline Baby Shower theme is usually done up in pinks, blues and other baby pastel hues.  A clothesline hung with baby clothing is usually part of the main decor and the rest of the decorations follow suit. The ideas listed below can be used for either a cutesy style shower or a more elegant style and can be mixed and matched with other themes as well such as incorporating teddy bears, onesies, baby boy or baby girl theme.   Basic Baby Shower Guidelines: -A baby shower is typically thrown as a gift for the expectant mother by a close friend or relative.  It is not uncommon for co-workers, groups of friends and church/temple friends to host a baby shower as well. -Traditionally, a baby shower is thrown a couple of months before baby's due date. -Usually a baby shower is held in a home, church/temple or restaurant. Today, it is common to see baby showers at country clubs, parks, the office or workplace, bars and any place where people can gather! -Typically a baby shower is scheduled for about 2 hours -The host is expected to foot the bill for the baby shower but it is not at all uncommon to have two or more people host together, splitting up the pre-baby shower preparation duties as well as the cost.   The Clothesline Baby Shower Invitation Baby-shower-clothesline-boy  -Any great party always starts with a great invitation usually announcing the theme of the baby shower. A traditional baby clothesline theme invite can be purchased or another creative and cute idea would be a clothesline candy bar wrapper invitation in blue for baby boy and pink for baby girl. All the details of your upcoming shower can be personalized and incorporated onto the wrapping or give them out as party favors as your Baby-shower-clothesline-girl guests exit the party!  You can purchase them completely made up or just order the wrappers and wrap them yourself. You can also have them printed up as Thank you gifts in place of traditional thank-you notes. -Be sure to include on your shower invite anywhere the mom has created a baby gift registry.   The Clothesline Baby Shower Decorations -Make a faux clothesline in your baby shower venue. String real clothesline, yarn or other sturdy string from one side of the room to the other. Hang up baby clothes with your pink and blue clothespins as part of your decorating, and add new clothes as mom opens them. -Integrate clothes pins and wicker laundry baskets into the rest of your shower decor. Scent your baby shower with the baby powder or fabric softener sheets or pink and blue candles! Baby-shower-balloons1 -Place pastel pink and blue balloons around the room or a balloon bouquet or 2 in the corners of the food or gift table. -Make or purchase a baby diaper cake for the gift table centerpiece. See our instructions on how to make a diaper cake. -I love this idea...create a paper chain of pastel colored babies to line the front of the food table or gift table...crafty cute and inexpensive idea!   The Clothesline Baby Shower Cake -The cake is another area where you can spend to have one made up professionally or get crafty and thrifty by choosing to make your own.  If your talented and enjoy being creative, then by all means, bake the cake yourself. If you need ideas for inspiration, Baby-shower-clothesline-cake-cupcakes search out clothesline baby shower cakes, there are all sorts of adorable and delicious ideas available online.   If you find one you really like but it appears to be too elaborate or time consuming, then print a picture of your favorite clothesline cake and hire a local baker to prepare it. You can purchase the baby clothesline edible designer strips needed to make the baby shower cake pictured.   The Clothesline Baby Shower Food -This an event to enjoy, so rustle up some delicious and inventive recipes and make your baby shower a memorable occasion! -Food served at a baby shower depends alot on the time of day the party will take place.  If you are planning an early afternoon, after lunch hours but before dinner hours, then small finger-food snacks or h'orderves would be appropriate.  If your shower falls during lunch or dinner hours then you should plan on serving more of a meal or buffet type spread. Your options in this situation are simple, either have the food catered or prepare it yourself to serve. -Decide which foods will complement the location of the event. If you are planning to hold the shower in a park on a hot summer day, raw vegetable trays, sweet rolls or slices of sourdough bread will stand the heat. Anything that may spoil should be packed well in ice. Also, be sure to bring plenty of water for the guests. Almost anything works for an indoor shower, providing you have the refrigeration and heating appliances. -Finger Food Suggestions: Melon Bowl, Colorful Veggie Platters & Dips, Deviled Eggs, Finger Sandwiches - *Make sandwiches with chicken and/or tuna salad and use baby shaped cookie cutters to shape your sandwiches to match the clothesline party theme. -Don't forget to consider the "guest of honor".  Check with her to see if there are foods she may wish to avoid or something special to satisfy her latest cravings.   The Clothesline Baby Shower Beverage -You should offer a variety of beverages for your guests. -Beverage Suggestions:  Coffee, Tea (both hot & cold), Soda Pop, Lemondade or Punch and Water. Baby Shower Punch: Large Punch Bowl, combine 2 cans of tropical punch juice, 1 can pineapple juice and 1 2 liter bottle of 7up.  Slice oranges to float on top. Offer ice for the punch but don't add it the bowl, as it can water down the punch mix.   The Clothesline Baby Shower Party Favor Baby-shower-clothesline-cookies -Offering a party favor or two for your guests to take with them on their way out is a nice gesture and shows your gratitude and appreciation of their attendance. I absolutely love this adorable onesie cookie idea with each cookie being individually wrapped and tied up with a pastel bow.  You could place your container near the door and as each guest exits, grab a cookie and perhaps a candy bar favor or even a small party bag containing one of each. Purchase some cookie cutters and create your own cookie favor like the one shown here or you can find great pre-made custom clothesline theme cookies online or again, a local baker can usually do custom requests. Either way, a cute and adorable cookie favor is a must-have, in my opinion, for any baby shower theme! One of my very favorite sites to visit for inspirations and ideas as well as supplies is Wilton. You'll find lots of ideas for both baby shower cakes and cookies as well as candy ideas too!   The Clothesline Baby Shower Game Ideas -Baby Shower Game – Decorating onesies or lapshirts. This is my favorite activity. Set out one or two sets of fabric markers at each guest table or a designated decorating table. Each guest gets a onesie or lapshirt. Make sure you buy various sizes for these items. Let your guests create works of art for baby to wear. This activity is great if mommy to be is expecting twins or triplets. -Baby Clothesline Game – hang at least 2 clotheslines or twine in the game area. Have an equal number of baby clothes in a wicker laundry basket for each player and clothespins. Players race to see who can hang up the most baby clothes first. Clothes can include cloth diapers, burp cloths, onesies, booties, etc. You determine how many winners there are. If you want one winner players keep playing against the last winner until only one remains. Or, divide your guests up into two teams.    The Clothesline Baby Shower Gift Baby-shower-clothesline-girl(lg)1 -This adorable gift set includes several baby clothing items and can be given as a gift at the baby shower or used as decorations and then given to the new mom-to-be after the party.  A really fun gift for the baby shower! Use as a decoration or keep it boxed as one item after item unfolds to surprise the mommy to be with this adorable line of layette essentials.  

Baby-shower-clothesline-boy(lg)1Baby Gift Set Includes:

  • 100% cotton interlock hat
  • 100% cotton interlock onsie (3-6mos.)
  • 100% terry burp cloth
  • 100% cotton interlock gown
  • 100% cotton terry bib
  • wrist rattle
  • bootie
  • socks
  • mini clothes pins
    This adorable gift set and other baby shower gifts can be purchased at Stork Baby Gift Baskets! Special Savings: Use Coupon Code - Clothesline10 to save $10.00 off our Clothesline baby shower gift. *Must be used on this gift only.  *Coupon valid on our Clothesline Baby Shower Gift only! Baby Girl Clothesline Baby Shower Gift Baby Boy Clothesline Baby Shower Gift   The Clothesline Baby Shower Poem A cute little jumper as soft as can be, Booties for the tiniest feet that you’ll see, Please give us fabrics that baby will love, soft and fine— With clothespins we’ll hang them all up on the line!

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