Dr. Seuss Welcome Wagon Baby Gift basket helps parents keep their baby happy for hours on end

Posted on 21 March 2012

One of the many great joys for parents is reading to their babies. The giggling, the silly story lines and funny characters are all things that light up a baby's face every time a parent opens up a book. And one author that is sure to get children and adults smiling regardless of age is Dr. Seuss.

The Dr. Seuss Welcome Wagon Baby Gift basket is a gift that any parent would enjoy receiving. This gift set includes precious items like a little wagon, a rattle and a bib for often messy feeding times. The radio flyer wagon is a must for baby's bedrooms and adorable photos, and everything from diapers to clothes to even books can be stored inside when parents are taking their little ones for a stroll. The set also features the Dr. Seuss "Cat in the Hat" hardcover book, a classic story that will have children and even adults laughing.

But, that's not all this gift basket has. A personalized Dr. Seuss bib is also included as well as two large soft wash cloths that are sure to get that little one's face clean following a satisfying meal of bananas and apples. After a bath, the cotton onesie will keep baby comfortable before going to bed. Finally, parents can use the adorable rattle featured in this set to calm their little ones when they can't seem to sit still.

The Dr. Seuss gift set is an adorable present with all the necessary baby items to keep a little one clean, comfortable, and of course, happy for hours on end.

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