Posted on 28 October 2016


The Inspiring and Sweet Honey Bee

Nature is truly amazing in so many ways but the honey bee and the whole process of creating sweet honey is truly a miracle. Perhaps that's why they are such an inspiration when it comes to baby gifts as newborn babies are the sweetest miracles of all time. Many baby gifts and baskets and baby shower invitations have been inspired by both the honey bee and it's look alike cousin, the bumble bee.

Bees have inhabited the earth for over 30 million years and are an important part of the whole pollination process that farmer's all over the world depend on. They are actually one of the key pollinator's in the United States, however, they are not native to the US and we're actually brought over by the early European settlers.

Some Difference Between Bumble Bees and Honey Bees

The honey bee is often confused with the bumble bee because they can appear similar but there are some major differences. For instance, the bumble bee tends to be more yellowish or orangish with thin black stripes and is known for stinging.  It does not produce honey though it does help to pollinate plants and flowers.

Honey bees can vary in color from yellow and orange to mostly black or light brown and can appear more blackish than anything with thicker stripes. They are typically 15 mm  long and can be pudgy in size (like some babies) and and the honey they provide is one of the sweetest natural substances on this earth (babies are too). They do have the ability to sting but rarely take time out of their busy day (hence the term "busy bees" comes from) to bother with such silliness but be warned, if touched or threatened, they can and will sting.  Especially if their nest is threatened, the protective mama bee or daddy bee (actually know as workers or queen bees) will attack!

Sweeter than Honey Gifts for Baby Inspired by the Honey Bee


This sweet bumble bee baby gift creates a buzz at the baby shower! It's made of a minky soft baby blanket and includes a baby bib with "bee-utiful" embroidery, a cute bee wrist rattle, a terry burp cloth and wash cloth.


This super cute baby boy and baby girl gift was inspired by both the honey bee and the flowers it helps to pollinate. Baby essentials such as bibs, washcloths, socks and more are featured in a pink or blue reusable flower pot and cute little wrist rattle bees are attached. What a unique idea for a bee theme baby shower centerpiece.

   Little Busy Bees Twins Baby Gift Basket

This beautiful bee theme gift is for welcoming a set of twin babies into the world. It can be customized for two boys, two girls or one of each. Again, adorable bumble bees (baby wrist rattles) are featured on top of a basket full of adorable layette items the new parents will find useful for their cute little ones.

We also offer bee theme baby shower invitations, so bee sure to check them out!

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