Great Reading for Young Listeners

Posted on 21 February 2007

Great Reading for Young Listeners

I started out reading to my baby at a month old.  I just couldn't wait to start reading to him and although he didn't understand anything I was reading, he could still hear my voice and the rythmic tone as I read.  I would hold him in one arm as we sat in the antique rocker in his nursery and just bonded. I loved it and he loved it.

I read to him everyday and as he grew, we planned day trips to the library and book store to find interesting reads for the week. His personal collection of books began growing so quickly, I had to purchase a book shelve for his room.  It was filled with favorites like "Good Night Moon" and "Just Because I Love You".   

Now at age six, were into character books.  When he was five, we read the all time classic "Charlotte's Web" as we snuggled in his bed at night.  Just a few chapters a night entertained us for some time but eventually it ended and we were both sad.  We needed some new chapter books and I had no clue as to what was available out there for little boys so I asked his kindergarten teacher and she quickly recommended a "The Magic Tree House" series by Mary Pope Osborne.

One trip to the book store and we were on our way to reading about the adventures of Jack and his little sister Annie.  They discover a tree house that magically appears in some woods near their home one day and are taken on magical journies from books found inside the tree house. Their trips include visiting anywhere from the Amazon river to pryamids in ancient Eygpt and the stories contain actual facts which I have found to be educational.

Each book contains ten short chapters, so we read a total of five chapters per night except sometimes, when I'm begged long enough, we will read an additional chapter before turning out the lights. Five chapters take approximately 20 minutes to read so it's not too long but long enough to satisfy both of us for night.

My son loves the adventurous plots and is magically transported himself on journies all over the world! I love to hear him giggle as I read or occasionly comment on the story, I know he's into it.  I highly recommend this series for any child but especially boys if your searching for some highly entertaining good reads for your little one.



One summer day in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania, a mysterious tree house appeared in the woods.  Eight-year old Jack and his seven year old sister, Annie, climbed into the tree house. 

The tree house was filled with books and it was magic.  It could go any place that was in a book.  All Jack and Annie had to do was to point to a picture and wish to go there.

They visited dinosaurs, knights, an Egyptian queen, pirates, ninjas, and the Amazon rain forest. 

Along the way, they discovered that the tree house belonged to Morgan le Fay.  Morgan was a magical librarian from the time of King Arthur.  She traveled through time and space, gathering books for her library.

One day, Jack and Annie found a note that said Morgan was under a spell.  With the help of a little mouse named Peanut, Jack and Annie set out in the magic tree house to find four special things that would set her free.

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