Help your wife stay comfortable until she delivers by following this advice

Posted on 16 November 2012

Picture this scenario: your pregnant wife is due in a couple of weeks, her back is swollen, feet hurt and she's craving odd food combinations that would make anyone cringe. As her husband, you probably feel bad for her, as no man ever likes to see his sweetie uncomfortable.

Luckily, there are some things that health and lifestyle website recommends doing that will help your partner feel happy as a clam before she goes into labor:

1) Elevate her feet
Your partner is probably going to be busy getting everything ready for the nursery and running to her doctor's appointments. All of this activity means her feet and ankles are likely to look like balloons at the end of the day. Use pillows and other soft items to help raise her feet, which can reduce swelling.

2) Make her small snacks often
Mommy-to-be may be asking you for pickles and ice cream, but why not offer her something more healthy and savory? It's important that pregnant women eat snacks on a regular basis. Pita bread with hummus, for example, has protein and will satisfy any bread cravings.

3) Keep her drinking fluids
It's imperative that you make sure that your love is getting enough fluids, especially water. This liquid helps important organs like kidneys and the liver function in both the mother and fetus. In fact, not drinking enough can, according to The American Pregnancy Association, result in fatigue, contractions, preterm labor and even miscarriage.

4) Surprise her occasionally
Most women love to be pampered when they are pregnant, so what better way to do so than following the tips above and giving her a present from Stork Baby Gift Baskets? The "Lollipop Loungewear for Baby" is sure to prove just as comfortable as it is practical for your little bundle of joy.

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