Dental Care For Your Baby

Posted on 20 February 2007

How Early Should Dental Care Begin For Your Baby?

The majority of people take a long time before they embark on taking dental care for their kids. Before reaching age five, twenty five percent of children have their first cavity, and a lot more cross that number also – 50 to 70 percent of children will have at least one cavity when they are in the grade schools.

Because we are grown ups, we can value the need of the right care of our teeth. But our children should also be made abreast of the importance. You should begin dental care before a baby gets his or her first tooth. Below are given some methods:

Infant Dental Care:

1.After the baby consumes anything solid or liquid, you should rinse their gums with a damp cloth and clean the gums with it. Decay can begin even without any teeth.

2.Do not let your child go to bed with a milk bottle or formula because that would be in his mouth the whole night.

3.When the first tooth of the infant appears, you can begin the process of dental care by using a soft brush and infant toothpaste for their precious pearl.

4.Visit the dentist just after the baby gets their first teeth. The maximum number of doctors asks to see the child when he is around 1 years of age. However, if you notice anything that can be cause for concern then visit the dentist before. This will again assist them to be more adjusted getting dental care in the times to come.

5.Brush your child’s teeth twice every day, once in the morning, and once surely at night.


1.When the whole set of teeth has made its appearance, definitely visit the dentist without waiting any longer.

2.Provide guidance to your child when he brushes his teeth for the first 6 years of his life.

3.When your child grows permanent teeth, with your assistance he should learn how to floss his teeth.

4.When a child loses his tooth or teeth, take both the child and his tooth to the doctor. The teeth may be restored when kept in a bowl of cold milk for sometime.

5.After the age of seven or eight, dental care for your child can begin serious earnest.

Author: Chris Hindle                                                                                                            Source: Article City

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