Introducing "Chenille Plush Character Back Packs" for Little Girls

Posted on 26 October 2012

What's soft, fun, pink or turquoise and chenille all over? Our new Chenille Plush Character Back Packs for little girls! Leave it to Mud Pie, a leading manufacturer of adorable children's baby clothes to come with something new and just as irresitble as their darling baby girl dresses and baby boy outfits! These cute and fashionable little backpacks are destined to be on every little girl's wishlist this year! Available in 3 cute and cuddly designs it may be hard for her to choose just one! And who could blame her? They're all so irrestisbly cute and definitely a "must have" for a fun wardrobe accessory!  The Mudpie Plush Character Back Pack designs include a plush pink bear, a fun frolicky lion and a cutesy chic chick all made of chenille, printed fabric and colorful ruffled details and marabou accents. Sized perfectly for litte girl's between the ages of 3 years and up. They're perfect for storing her favorite belongings and toting them with her as she ventures off to school, the playground or shopping at the mall. It also makes a great traveling companion for any little girl on the go and over-night trips to grandma's house! Visit today for great baby gift ideas. Consider this adorable kid's bag as a sibling gift to congratulate her on becoming a big sister or send as a birthday gift to a special toddler! Only a limited number currently available so don't delay, order your Mud Pie backpack today...she will love it!

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