"Little Miracle" Baby Boy Gift Basket contains essential baby items

Posted on 18 April 2012

All babies are little miracles, regardless of their size, appearance and gender. And, when little ones are brought into the world, it's certainly a reason to celebrate. Parents that receive baby gifts from loved ones and friends will undoubtedly love and appreciate the thoughtfulness.

But, one gift that will keep a smile on the faces of mommies and daddies for an extended period of time is the "Little Miracle" Baby Boy Gift Basket. The items in this basket will make any baby boy feel like the prince he is.

During chilly fall and winter days, moms and dads can dress their newborn in the 100-percent cotton baby hat and booties, which fits baby boys up to 3 months old. The soft material is sure to keep him comfortable and looking adorable all day long.

When the warmer months arrive, parents can dress him in the totally cute 100-percent cotton t-shirt, which is decorated with precious little teddy bears. During feeding times, which are sure to be messy, moms and dads can keep their son's clothes clean using the cotton bib with the non-absorbent back.

Before bedtime, parents can read him "You Are My I Love You," the popular children's story while their baby cuddles with the adorable plush teddy bear and personalized ultra-soft security blanket.

All of these baby essentials come in a white wicker nursery basket, which can be used to store diapers, clothes or even more books. Not to be forgotten is the personalized ribbon which adds that extra personal touch.

This basket is unique, special and sure to please even the pickiest mommies and daddies.

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