Looking to Lose that "Baby Fat"...

Posted on 06 August 2007



Wheather your trying to lose that extra "baby fat" or just looking for great way to relax and unwind, this kit is sure to do the trick. According to Maggie Spilner`s Complete Book of Walking, Yoga is a great way to stretch, improve flexibility, release stress and lose weight. Yes it`s true - with the correct routine, Yoga can burn tons of calories and help you shed the pounds. Plus it`s fun and relaxing. This Yoga For Weight Loss Kit includes everything you need to get started. Its durable foam blocks help you get the stability and support you need to achieve effective Yoga positions. The Cotton Strap is essential for people with tight hamstrings or who have a hard time reaching or holding specific positions. The high quality mat is made from a non-slip material and is highly padded to cushion your body. Finally, the 30-minute Weight Loss Video is designed to increase flexibility and strength while burning calories. No matter what your fitness or ability level, our Yoga For Weight Loss Kit is an incredible value and a great investment for any health conscious person.



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