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Posted on 28 August 2007


65 Years of Little Golden Books

Celebrate 65 Years of Little Golden Books! This Anniversary Collection features six of the most beloved Little Golden Books in one box set:
*The Poky Little Puppy
*The Saggy Baggy Elephant
*Tawny Scrawny Lion
*Scuffy the Tugboat
*The Shy Little Kitten

In also includes a free blank book inside so you can create your own Little Golden Book!


Monday With Mad Genius  (Magic Tree House series #38) 

Jack and Annie are on a mission to save Merlin from his sorrows! Charged with finding the second of four secrets of happiness, the brother-and-sister team travel back in the magic tree house to the period known as the Renaissance. This time, Jack and Annie will need more than a research book and a magic wand. They'll need help from one of the greatest minds of all time. What will they learn from Leonardo da Vinci? Ages: 7-11 


For lovers of those Greek stories starring Zeus, Pandora, and other gods and goddesses of ancient times comes Mytholgy -- the latest addition to the bestselling Ologies series!

Reputedly written by Lady Hestia Evans in the 19th century -- and faithfully reproduced with all its Romantic ambiance intact -- this primer on Greek mythology features lavish illustrations and boasts paper crafts and novelties, including a card game featuring the 12 Olympians, an oak-leaf oracle, a booklet retelling the tale of Odysseus, a piece of the Golden Fleece, a gold OBOLOS coin for paying the ferryman on the River Styx, and more.

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