Physical milestones in a baby's life that every parent should know about

Posted on 23 August 2012

Every couple that has just had a baby knows that there are several physical milestones in their newborn's life that they can look forward to. Of course, walking is one of them, but did you know that rolling over is also an important moment that signals that little Sam is on her way to becoming a toddler?

To learn about some more examples of significant markers in your lovebug's life and when they typically occur, read over the list below from

     ♦ Rolling over - two or three months
Around this age, when your baby is enjoying time on her tummy, you may notice that little Sam may prop herself up into a push-up position and then rock back and forth. If she's got enough strength, this motion may cause her to roll over. If she cries after rolling on her back, don't worry. This probably means that she's a bit startled by how strong she's becoming!

     ♦ Grabbing - three or four months
While dropping that rattle may seem trivial to you, this action is a big moment in your youngster's life. Letting go of an object and then picking it up teaches little Sam how to use her hands. Shaking the rattle and hearing the noise also teaches her cause and effect and shows her how to entertain herself, according to the website.

     ♦ Hugging - five months
Getting a hug from your newborn will put a smile on your face, but it's also important to note that this movement serves a purpose other than to let you know that our baby loves you. It also shows you that your child can identify who they're comfortable around.


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