Safety 1st Push 'N Snap Cabinet Locks is recalled

Posted on 02 April 2012

Before a baby can start to crawl or walk, most parents like to "baby-proof" their home, which simply means ensuring that the little can't get gain access anything harmful, such as chemical cleaners or dangerous equipment, like kitchen knives. For years, parents have bought cabinet locks, which were typically an easy way to ensure a baby's safety.

But, while those locks were once an essential baby item for parents, this may not be the case anymore. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall on approximately 900,000 Safety 1st Push ‘N Snap Cabinet Locks on March 22.

These locks are manufactured by Dorel Juvenile Group (DJG) and sold at home good stores like Bed Bath and Beyond. Recently, however, some parents have complained about the quality of the product. Of the 200 reports that the company received from customers, 140 indicated that children between 9 months and 5 years old were able to pry open locks.

Of course, the real danger for babies and small children is that the locks were put on the cabinets to prevent these curious little ones from coming in contact with potentially harmful items. In three of the reported incidents, children, whose ages were not revealed, swallowed or handled dishwashing detergent, window cleaner or oven cleaner. They were treated at an emergency medical facility and released.

Parents who suspect that they have purchased the defective cabinet locks should check to see if their appliances have model numbers 48391 and 48442. If they do, they should immediately remove all locks and contact DJC for a free replacement. The new product parents are sent will feature the model numbers HS158 or HS159.

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