Santa Is Real! Send Your Kids a Video from Santa!

Posted on 23 December 2009

Wow, I just discovered the coolest video from Santa!  My sister sent it to my 9 year old son (just turned nine last week).  He's kinda on the fence about whether Santa is real or not (his friends have been talking at school) that is, of course, until he received this video courtesty of PNP (Portable North Pole) powered by UGROUPMEDIA.

When he viewed this video, his mouth literally dropped open!  The Santa is so real and so loving and used his name (Joey) throughout the video, knew that he was nine and even had a picture of him in his book.  He also knew what was on his wish list for Christmas!  It is so cute and as far as I understand - FREE!

After viewing the video which was perfect timing because my son had just sent Santa an online letter 2 days earlier, my son is a firm believer in Santa again (at least for a little while longer)!  My son also pointed out a picture I have set out in the living room of him with a Santa a couple of years ago and stated..."That Santa is a phony (pointing to the picture) but the one on the video is the real deal"!

So, of course, as a mother on her last of 3 children still young enough to believe in the magic of Santa, I am thrilled to have received this video and wanted to share it with my followers so you can share it with your little ones for one more year maybe longer depending on their age! 

Happy Holidays everyone! Check out the link below to create a video for your child.


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