Save Time With Printable Games For Baby Showers

Posted on 21 August 2007

One of the greatest ways to celebrate a baby shower is by playing some baby shower themed games. These baby shower games are fun, entertaining and easy to find. There are a lot of printable games for baby showers available on the Internet. Expect some laughter to occur during game time! But before it's playing time some other activities are taking place

Baby showers last usually three to four hours and consist of a few activities. Socializing, eating, playing some party games and watching the expectant mother open her presents. It's not a bad idea for the host to plan activities ahead of time so that the pace of the party remains steady.

As guests arrive, plan some time for socialization. Allow a good half hour to an hour for this chatter. The guests will all want a chance to find out how the mommy to be is doing especially if they have not seen her in a while.

After socialization it's usually time for some food. Food is always expected at a baby shower. Though it doesn't need to be elaborate, it's just got to be planned. Schedule another hour for it. Finger foods are an excellent option and guests can eat throughout the shower, with a special time, usually towards the end, devoted to eating the baby shower cake. If men are invited, you can organise an outdoors barbeque. The guys can prepare the food while the women sit back and socialize with each other.

And then ... it's time for some entertainment by playing some party games!   are fun and there's no end to the game options, either. No need to reinvent the wheel. Save a lot of time and choose from the hundreds of printable party games that are available on the Internet. Just to name a few ... there is Finish Mommy's Phrase, Baby Bingo, Baby Trivia, Name That Nursery Rhyme and so many more to choose from.

Decide a few weeks prior to the shower about the games that will be played and schedule each game in a one hour time frame. Don't forget to prepare some fun prices for the winner of each game.

If playing games is not an option, for whatever reason, you can spend more time socializing or doing a group activity. Create an advice book by passing around a blank notebook. On a separate page, each guest writes down a bit of parenting advice and signs the page. These tips will definitely be lasting memories for years to come.

Or let each guest bring a copy of one of their favorite books when they were a child. Everyone shares what made that book special before presenting it to the expectant mom. This is an excellent way to get to know each other and beefing up a new baby's library.

Some other project ideas that will remind the mommy to be of this special occasion include making a video documentary, quilting, scrapbooking or making something like a hand-painted wall hanging or floor mat that the expectant mother can use in her home.

After the baby shower games or some fun group activity it's time for the highlight of the baby shower .... opening the baby shower gifts. Be sure someone is in charge of assembling the baby gifts as they're opened and someone is writing down the list of gifts and the guest who gave each. Don't throw away the bows, so that when it's all over, the guest of honor can be crowned with a crazy bow hat! Have fun and enjoy!

Do you have any fun or unique ideas for baby shower games?  Feel free to share with our readers.

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