A Magical Unicorn Baby Shower - Unicorn Party Ideas

Posted on 12 September 2018

Throwing the cutest Unicorn baby shower can be both fun and easy to do!  Look to the rainbow for inspiration and the mythical magical unicorn for infinite possibilities and endless party ideas! 

We gathered some of our favorite ideas to share.  Some we offer right here at StorkBabyGiftBaskets.com but other can be found elsewhere.  

 Let the Fun Begin!

Choose your Baby Shower Theme

    Whenever planning any event, it's always best to think of a theme first.  Once you've decided on a theme such a Unicorn Baby Shower then the next step would be to decide on a color scheme.  Pastels for babies is always a great option and in this case the colors of a pastel rainbow seem to fit the bill for both baby and magical.  Going more bold is certainly an option as well or taylor your colors more on the pink side for a girl or blue for a boy.  Add some glitter and gold if desired...the possibilities are infinitely yours to choose!


    Magical Unicorn Invitation 


    Unicorn Baby Shower Invite


    Once you've decided on a color scheme, the rest should fall more easily into place.  Before deciding on anything else at this point, it's important to know your budget.  Once you have that decided, you can begin planning.

    Will you serve a buffet or a dessert table?  Deciding on whether or not you want to serve a formal 5 course luncheon or dinner or just serve treats with punch and coffee will depend on your budget.


    If you're a DIY kinda person and love baking, try making these festive rainbow cupcakes or adorable unicorn cookies shown below.  If you are too busy or don't want all the work, hire a local baker to create some delicious unicorn treats for your event!

    Rainbow Marble Cupcakes - So many colorful and delicious ideas!

    Baby Unicorn Cupcakes..so adorable!!

    Unicorn Maccroons - How cute are these!

    Don't forget the cake!  We love these designs!


    I know its not starbucks but i think this is a really cute cake!


    Unicorn cake


    Find coordinating decorations and supplies to make your event stand out and impress your guests!  Pastel balloons, rainbow decor, a cute unicorn diaper cake for a gift table centerpiece makes a great addition!

    Unicorn Diaper Cake

    Unicorn Theme Diaper Cake

    This adorable little cutie is offered right here at Stork Baby Gift Baskets and is a handmade favorite of those who love unicorns!  It's the perfect centerpiece for the gift table or dessert table.  Imagine all of your colorful drinks and deserts featured around this cute but also practical baby gift for the new mom!  

    This unique creation includes 2 baby blankets, 2 diaper covers, 2 terry velour burp pads, 4 washcloths, 12 newborn diapers and keepsake wooden unicorn to hang on the nursery wall.  

    It's sold as a twins gift but really could be given for any baby girl or boy as the new mom will always be able to use all of the baby products included.  It's so cute though, she might not want to even disassemble it!

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