The Spa Baby Girl Gift Basket is the perfect gift to pamper your little princess

Posted on 09 April 2012

It's not very often that babies enjoy baths. Somehow, the water is never the right temperature, soap gets in their eyes or parents are scrubbing too hard. But, there's one gift that makes bath time a bit more bearable for babies (and parents!)

The Spa Baby Girl Gift basket is a unique baby gift that parents need to pamper their darling. All the items in this set come in an adorable bathtub that can be used to not only wash your little girl, but also as as a fashionable container that will come in handy for storing everything from books to onesies.

The basket also features a velour bath bag, which can serve as an extra tool for toting around her bath toys and products, such as those made by Johnson & Johnson. Four items made by the popular brand, which is known for its baby-friendly and gentle products, are included in this beautiful gift set. 

And don't forget about the nine terry washcloths that are featured in this amazing gift. These can be used to gently wash her tiny face and take off any leftover food from dinner that is still on her body. After her bath, keep her warm in the terry velour hooded bathrobe: this baby essential is as cute as it is practical.

After she is clean and you begin putting her down for bed, keep her little footsies warm with the booties that come in The Spa Baby Girl Gift basket. To keep her resting peacefully, your little princess can cuddle with the plush and soft terry cloth toys that are part of this beautiful gift.

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