Think before you speak, especially when talking to pregnant woman

Posted on 13 June 2012

From time-to-time, we've all made comments that we have probably regretted. And although certain people may shrug or laugh off our ridiculous remarks, there's one group of women that everyone should watch what you say to: pregnant women.

Sure, we all know that expecting moms can be a little sensitive during this special time. However, regardless of what you may be thinking about their pregnancy, it's important to exercise a little social grace when voicing your opinion, especially if it could be seen as mean-spirited.

But luckily, gave its readers a few hints and suggestions on what you should always avoid saying to pregnant women.

No, she isn't expecting twins

Although you may ask this question because your are genuinely curious if your friend is lucky enough to be having two babies, women who are expecting will hear one thing: that you think she's fat. And as the website points out, of course she'll know if she's having twins. That's what all those expensive and frequent doctors appointments are for!

Keep your hands to yourself

When it comes to baby bumps, as cute as they may be, we shouldn't ask if we can touch them. Sure, we may want to feel the little one kicking, but some pregnant women like to keep their bumps to themselves. Respect their desire to do so and don't ask to touch unless she asks you if you want to.

Inquiring minds DON'T need to know

You may be dying to know what your friend, family member or colleague is going to name his or her baby. But, says that you should avoid asking this question because she may think you are going to judge her after she reveals her answer. A more appropriate question is, "Are you sharing names before the birth?"

As tempting as it may be to ask the questions above, it's best to refrain from doing so. Pregnant women are sure to get enough stares, belly rubs and queries from other people. So save the comments and thoughts that may cause the expecting mom to raise her eyebrows. Trust us, you'll be glad you did.

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