Tips for getting your baby to fall asleep at night

Posted on 15 August 2012

Let’s face it. Babies, especially newborns, may be known to do a lot of things, but letting their parents get lots of sleep is certainly not one of them. Whether they need their diaper changed in the middle of the night, are hungry at 4 a.m. or simply can’t fall asleep, those little bundles of joy known as your children sure aren’t very cute when you’re sleep-deprived.

But, instead of getting frustrated, recently released some tips on how to get your little one asleep so that you and your partner can get the rest you need and deserve!

1) Tuck him in when he’s sleepy
As a parents, you may be tempted to put your baby to sleep once he’s already conked out for the night. However, the website advises against doing this and instead, putting your little in his crib when he’s getting sleepy so he learns to self-soothe.

2) Try modified sleep training
Experts say that this method is best for babies that are at least five months old and involves a very consistent bedtime routine. For example, always breastfeed or give your baby a bottle in the same rocking chair every night, then read a book after he’s done eating.

Next, gently place him in his crib while he’s still awake. You may be inclined to rush out of the room before he starts crying, but that’s not a good idea. Instead, pull up a chair next to his crib and touch or rub his tummy or back from time-to-time when he begins to cry. Once he’s asleep, quietly leave the room. Perform this routine for three days during nap and bedtime. Eventually, you should see that your baby is able to fall and stay asleep easier than he was in the past.

3) Consider implementing the Ferber method
This method became popular in the 1980s thanks to Dr. Richard Ferber. Ferberizing works best  on babies at least four but no older than eight months old. Start with your usual bedtime routine and tuck in your little one when he’s sleepy but not knocked out. When he begins to whimper, respond by talking to him in a soft and soothing voice and by rubbing his head, back or tummy. Explain that it’s time for him to go night-night and that you are leaving. Walk out of the bedroom and stay out for about five minutes and, if he’s still crying, go back and talk to him some more, but do not pick him up. Continue this pattern until your bundle of joy conks out on his own.

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