An Unforgettable 1st Birthday Party - Tips and More!

Posted on 08 March 2012

A baby's first birthday is a special occasion for parents, and while the celebration revolves around the child, it's unlikely that a baby will remember family members "ooo-ing" and "ahhh-ing" over him or her.

New moms and dads can feel a lot of pressure leading up the event, as in many cases, it's their first chance to display their parenting and party planning skills to family and friends. But, while the event can be daunting, has some tips on how parents can make their little one's first birthday a ton of fun and stress free.

One of the most important things for parents to remember is to keep the party low key. Having a guest list suitable for a royal wedding simply isn't necessary. Invite close family relatives and friends. Doing so will help save money and make it easier to entertain.

Plan on bringing out just a few of the baby's favorite toys. There's no need to go crazy buying baby party supplies or last-minute baby gifts because the birthday girl or boy will likely receive cool baby gifts from guests at the party. Keeping the toys to a minimum and putting on some fun and silly music will ensure the baby doesn't become overwhelmed.

Parents should also choose the right time to hold the party. According to Annabel Karmel, author of "Complete Party Planner," a midday starting time may make the event run more smoothly parents.

"The best time of the day for a party is when your baby is well rested and happy, usually right after a nap," she told the website. "I'd suggest having a lunchtime gathering, so it's all over before the late-afternoon crankies."

Finally, plan on serving finger foods that are easy to pick up at the store, simple to serve and fun to eat. Foods like mini-bagels, muffins, bite-size brownies and tea sandwiches are ideal to serve at a first birthday.

Following these tips will ensure this special event is one to talk about even as your baby grows older.

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