Tips on How to Take Away Those Recalled Toys

Posted on 15 August 2007

Since kids love to put their favorite toys in their mouths, parents should confiscate the recalled products as quickly as possible. Still, common sense is key. In other words, avoid letting your child see you throw his valued toy in the garbage. So, how to take those toys away -- without tears? Try these tips:

If he's a baby: You're lucky -- he probably won't notice the missing toy, or he'll forget about it quickly. Just remove the toy while your child is otherwise occupied.

If he's a toddler: Yes, toddlers do sometimes become attached -- violently, passionately -- to favorite toys, but luckily, kids this age are often easily distracted. Try grabbing his their attention with a different toy, activity or treat before you make the recalled items disappear.

• Make the toy "disappear" while your child is sleeping. If he is distressed about losing his favorite object, you may have to tell a white lie and feign ignorance about the toy's whereabouts. And, if the toy is truly beloved, endure the screaming until you can find a suitable replacement.

• Or, go the direct route and use reason. Kids can understand that some things are dangerous and need to go. Sometimes it helps to create a ritual for disposing of the hazardous toy. Involve your child in the process of packaging up the toy for mailing back to the manufacturer, and bring him with you to the post office. Bonus: If the manufactuer has promised a replacement, your kid will have something to look forward to.

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