Tips on Taking Baby to the Beach

Posted on 21 July 2016

So summer has finally arrived and so has your baby! If you're a sun loving beach mama then it's understandable that you can hardly wait to take your little one to the beach for some fun in the sun! We get it, we love the sun too!  And the beach is a great and inexpensive way to spend the day with your family on vacation or just an afternoon of free fun in the sun! 

The  American Academy of Pediatrics recommends babies under six months of age avoid direct sunlight and waiting until they can at least sit up on their own typically around 7 - 8 months old is probably the best age anyway to introduce them to all those outdoor elements that make the beach so special.  You know what we're talking about, the sound of beach waves and seagulls yelping overhead, the warm breeze and of course, sand between those little fingers and it!

To help ensure baby loves it too and has lots of safe fun at the beach, we've compiled a tips and what to bring list when taking baby on a beach outing!  

Bring a Camera - You're going to want to take lots of pictures of your baby playing in the sand and water but be sure to protect your camera from the elements as well so you can keep clicking and snapping all day long.  A good tip for that would be to always use a lens cap and store your camera inside a sealed bag inside your case when not in use. You always want to make sure your hands are clean as well before taking any shots and use a camera strap so your hands are free if you should need them for baby. Get some great tips and ideas on photographing baby at the beach.

Protect Baby's SkinWe all know by now just how dangerous the sun can be to exposed skin so it's even more important that you protect baby's delicate skin whenever outside, not just beach days or poolside.

There are lots of ways of doing this.  

  • Keep a sunhat on baby's little head for sure.
  • Keep baby in the shade as much as possible. Use a shade tree, an umbrella or a baby beach tent. Make use of sun shades that most baby carriers or strollers come equipped with.
  • Use a safe baby sunscreen but be sure to check out the sunscreen guide put out by the Environmental Working Group which rates the best scoring kids sunscreen lotion for kids available in 2016.

Bring Beach Toys -  Of course, there is a lot of natural stimulation found at the beach to entertain babies and small children such as sand, water and seashells but including some beach and water toys can only enhance their learning experiences and make it all extra fun. Compiling sand using a simple plastic bucket and shovel, squirting water through fun and colorful animal squirt toys and watching the sand fall through a sifter all make great beach memories for both baby and parents alike.  Playing with seashells not only introduces baby to his or her natural surroundings but is also fun and great for fine motor skills. A bottle of bubbles are always fun at the beach too!

Bring a Blanket - A nice beach blanket is always great for relaxing in the sun or shade and baby will need a soft baby blanket for taking that afternoon nap. If your breastfeeding, a lightweight cover-up blanket will provide a bit of privacy and protect baby from the sun while feeding.

Pack a Diaper or Tote Bag - Keeping baby's special items stored in a beach tote or diaper bag is always helpful and a great way to stay organized. You'll want to make sure you include plenty of diapers, especially swim diapers if baby will be in the water at all. Most babies are not potty trained at such a young age so a swim diaper are for those that have incontinence's and are great for keeping the water clean and free from baby's debris. 

Cornstarch is a must at the beach with kids and tots.  It will not only help protect baby from diaper or heat rash but also is great for removing sand from baby's skin.  Baby powder could also be used but cornstarch is a much safer alternative because breathing in a lot of talc can possibly cause clogs in babies delicate air sacs.

Other items to include would be a terry cloth cover-up to keep baby warm, baby's swimsuit of course, a beach hat, sunscreen, pacifiers or chew toys, and other baby necessities. You might also want to include a small fan or pure vanilla extract which is a natural deterrent for bugs.

For packing those sandy beach toys, use a mesh expandable laundry bag, they are great for bringing home the toys but leaving the sand on the beach where it belongs!

For great beach theme baby gifts be sure to check out our Flamingo Tote Bag Gift Set for baby girls and our Nautical Baby Tote for boys.

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