Welcome New Arrival Baby Basket is perfect gender-neutral gift for new parents

Posted on 10 May 2012

If you and your partner are bringing a baby into the world, there is no doubt that you both are thrilled. After all, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your baby for the first time, bringing him or her home from the hospital and showing your newborn off to friends and family members.

Despite, all the excitement surrounding the arrival of a little one, there are times when it can be quite stressful, especially if you don't know the gender of your baby. How will you know what color to decorate the nursery? How do you know what color onesies you should buy? Although these can all be tough decisions to make, one unique baby gift that is designed to help make the preparation and post arrival of your baby a bit easier is the Welcome New Arrival Baby Basket.

This basket comes with essential items and products that are sure to make those first few months when you are getting used to being new parents a little bit easier. The clothes that are featured as part of this gift are functional and adorable.

During those first few weeks from the hospital, it's important to keep your baby warm because he or she is more susceptible to catching a cold. After all, it can be quite shocking temperature wise coming from the warmth of a mommy's tummy into the outside world. Keep your baby toasty, but comfortable in the super-soft pants, baby cap and baby booties. 

When it's time to give your little one a snack or meal, keep his or her clothes clean using one of the two baby bibs that come in this unique baby gift. It's machine washable and will make feeding time a bit easier since you won't have to worry about mashed peas getting all over his or her new clothes.

Bath time can be a more enjoyable for your newborn if you use the Johnson & Johnson baby wash that is featured in this basket. It is non-irritating and won't cause a screaming fit if it gets in your baby's delicate little eyes.

All these items, plus more come in a natural wicker basket that can be used long after he or she is a newborn. It's perfect for storing everything from books to DVDs to clothes.

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