The Personalized Baby Girl's First Year Gift Set has all the essentials for the first year

Posted on 11 May 2012

If you've recently had a newborn girl, you know how important her first year can be. During this time, she's likely to start walking, saying a few words like momma and dadda, and of course, smiling. And as parents, it's important to be prepared for all that this special time has to offer.

The Personalized Baby Girl's First Year Gift Set is a unique baby gift that has essential baby items that will help you give your little princess the tender love and care that she needs. It's no secret that your little one will need a lot of food. After all, her first year is the period when she is growing the most! Following a delicious meal of rice cereal and milk, burp her using the burp cloth that will keep your clothes clean if she spits up by accident.

In the event that mealtime got a little messier than you would like, give your baby a bath using one of the two washcloths. You'll keep her entertained because each of these cloths come with a finger puppet that will undoubtedly have her laughing, even when you're washing her delicate hair.

After the newborn stage when your baby is three months old, you can dress her in the adorable cotton creeper that will fit her up until she is six months old. When the princess outgrows it, start dressing her in the super soft and comfortable pants, cardigan and non-skid booties. Both items are so cute that they will have friends, relatives and even strangers pinching her cheeks much more frequently than your daughter would like!

All these items and more come in a personalized wood box that will hold all types of items and products ranging from diapers to books to clothes. The option to monogram the box gives it that extra personal touch.

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