Mommy's Little Sunshine Baby Girl Diaper Cake will make any expecting mom happy

Posted on 14 May 2012

One of the many things to look forward if you and your partner are expecting a little one is the baby shower. Few things are more special than being surrounded by friends and family as you celebrate the upcoming arrival of the newest member of your family.

During this wonderful event, you are sure to receive gifts for your newborn that range from hilarious to adorable. But, one gift that will keep you smiling - even as you open gifts you aren't too excited about - is the Diapers can be quite expensive. And just think how many your daughter will go through when she is a newborn! But, thanks to this fabulous gift set, which comes with up to 80 diapers in a super-cute, you can take a much-needed break from those late night runs to the store.

The onesie and baby socks are super cute baby clothes that you won't have to struggle to get on your daughter. These items are super soft and comfortable, and they will keep your little princess warm and smiling all day long.

Following a day out on the town, your newborn is likely to be hungry. After all, going to the grocery store and visiting family members is likely to help her work up an appetite! When feeding her, keep her new clothes clean using the baby bib that is included in this diaper cake.

If mealtime got a little messier than you expected, wash her little body using one of the three Johnson & Johnson baby bath products. This brand has a reputation for making gentle and non-irritating goods that will make bath time a bit more enjoyable for you and your daughter.

At the end of the day, when putting her down to sleep, make sure to give her the baby pacifier. Pacifiers are soothing items for little ones and are likely to make them cry less, which will help you and your partner get a better night sleep.

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