Double the Love Twins Wagon Gift Set

Posted on 15 May 2012

If you and your partner are expecting twins, you know what a blessing two babies can be.

And one gift that will help keep your newborn happy is the Double the Love Twin Wagon Gift Set. Although many retailers sell unique baby gifts for multiples, this present is one step above the rest. Dress your twins in the adorable and super comfortable "kiss me" 100-percent cotton bodysuit. Clothes for tiny babies can often be uncomfortable and scratchy, which can mean more crying and fussy little ones.

But, the bodysuit in this set will keep your multiples comfy and cozy all day long. The "hug me" bodysuit is equally adorable. Dress one twin in this item of clothing and your other baby in the "kiss me" suit and get the best of both worlds!

After a day out on the town, your little bundles of joy are likely to be quite hungry. After all, it can be hard work visiting family members and friends. When feeding the twins, keep their bodysuits clean by using the two baby bibs. What makes these bibs even more special is that they can be personalized, which gives this gift set that extra personal touch.

Following mealtime, lay them down to rest in their cribs and let them snuggle with the two stuffed bears. By giving your twins something to cuddle with, they are sure to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night.

All of these fabulous items come in a radio flyer mini wagon. It's the perfect addition to a nursery and can be used to store items ranging from books to clothes and everything in between.

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