Winnie the Pooh Personalized Baby Gift basket is the perfect first birthday gift

Posted on 29 March 2012

For parents, their child's first birthday is a memorable occasion. And although their baby may not remember all the fuss that was made over the party preparations or the cool baby gifts they receive, one thing parents and gift-givers can ensure is that the birthday present they give the little bundle of joy will keep him or her entertained for hours.

There are tons of online retailers from which parents and friends can select first birthday gifts. But, one present that can't easily be found is the Winnie the Pooh Personalized Baby Gift basket. This means those who purchase the present don't need to worry about another friend or relative showing up with the same gift.

And gift-givers can't go wrong with products bearing one of the most beloved children's characters of all-time. Featuring presents that will keep kids entertained with the adventures of the classic Disney bear and his lovable friends, the basket is sure to help parents navigate parenting challenges such as rainy days, feeding time and playdates.

Those days and nights that parents spend up with their baby can be extra frustrating. Rainy weather can make it even worse, especially when parents and babies feel cooped up inside. But, for fussy babies and tired parents, the Songs For Rainy Days Musical Board Book may be the perfect remedy, as parents can use the songs to help soothe their baby into a deep slumber.

And when little Johhny or baby Suzie have their first playdate, parents can bring the the Bubbly Friend Musical Board Book, which can keep both little kids entertained and interacting with each other. There is also the option of reading one of the books from the Winnie The Pooh Mini Book Library, which comes in an adorable carrying case.

After reading and and right before snack time, parents can put the Winnie the Pooh bib that comes in the basket around their baby to keep those expensive baby clothes pea, carrot and apple free.

Whether the little one receives the Winnie the Pooh Personalized Baby Gift Set as a gift for their first birthday or another special occasion, the items in this basket will keep a baby happy for hours on end.

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